Friday, July 23, 2021

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Expertise AreasPublic Health

The University of Maryland is home to cross-disciplinary public health experts working to eliminate racial, ethnic and gender health disparities and to respond to global health issues. At Maryland, we are exploring the intersection of public health and technology, policy and the built environment. Our experts are responding to the global Coronavirus pandemic by working to understand public attitudes toward vaccines, explore disparities in exposure, susceptibility and access to care during a pandemic, and learn more about airborne transmission of respiratory viruses.

Areas of Expertise in Public Health: analytics, information technology, equity, policy, environmental justice, LGBTQ+, communication, built environment, human development, disparities, vaccines, respiratory viruses

This page highlights several of our faculty with expertise in this area. To find additional faculty experts on this topic, contact the Office of University Communications at

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Public Health Experts

Sandra C. Quinn

Professor and Chair, Family Science and Senior Associate Director, Maryland Center for Health Equity

School of Public Health

Stephen B. Thomas

Professor of Health Policy and Management and Director, Maryland Center for Health Equity

School of Public Health

Boris D. Lushniak

Dean and Professor

School of Public Health

Donald K. Milton


School of Public Health

Jennifer D. Roberts

Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology

School of Public Health

Sacoby Wilson

Associate Professor, Applied Environmental Health (MIAEH)

School of Public Health

Jessica Fish

Assistant Professor, Department of Family Science

School of Public Health

Public Health News Releases

Leading Experts Call for Immediate Action to Address Inhalation Exposure to Prevent COVID-19 Infections and Deaths

UMD's Dr. Donald K. Milton and Professor of Environmental Health is amongst the list of scientific and medical expert signatories

New UMD-led Report on Improving Educational Equity and Engagement During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Report Based on the Lived Experiences of Black, Latino and Underserved Families Recommends Solutions for School Systems to Better Support Kids

University of Maryland, Baltimore and University of Maryland, College Park Researchers Collaborate to Address COVID-19

Five joint UMB, UMCP research teams receive $500,000 in MPower Seed Grants

Parenting Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

UMD clinical psychology professor Andrea Chronis-Tuscano offers tips for families navigating the COVID-19 pandemic

Public Health in the News


Health officials turn to Black-owned barber shops and hair salons as possible Covid-19 vaccination sites

Washington Post

A new national model? Barbershop offers coronavirus shots in addition to cuts and shaves.

Reader's Digest

6 Places you're most likely to catch coronavirus

Washington Post

Public health experts say ‘we can’t give up on testing’ as vaccinations ramp up


In environmental justice push, Md. lawmakers look to decrease harmful toxins

The New York Times

Scientists Call on C.D.C. to Set Air Standards for Workplaces, Now

The New York Times

Get Wise to Covid Rumors

Washington Post

Confusion and chaos: Inside the vaccine rollout in D.C., Maryland and Virginia

Washington Post

One county has twice as many covid-19 deaths. The other does much better with vaccinations.

U.S. News

A Recipe for Trouble? Reversal of California Outdoor Dining Ban Has Heads Spinning

Washington Post

A diverse suburb’s biggest pandemic challenge: Distributing the vaccine equitably


For Scientists Who Study Virus Transmission, 2020 Was A Watershed Year


US service workers brace for another MAGA rally in Washington, DC


How Do We Stop This Surge? Here's What Experts Say Could Help

Washington Post

Va. to tighten coronavirus restrictions amid rise in infections; Md.’s caseload hits record


Not trusting the FDA, Black doctors’ group creates panel to vet Covid-19 vaccines


Updated CDC guidance acknowledges coronavirus can spread through the air

The Atlantic

The Coronavirus Is Revealing Football’s Human Cost


Building Trust At The Barber Shop


Public Health Expert Calls To Repair Distrust In A COVID-19 Vaccine

Pew Trusts

Searing Heat Will Make COVID-19 Racial Disparities Worse

AP News

Rich Americans spew more carbon pollution at home than poor

Mother Jones

Let’s Connect the Dots Between Environmental Injustice and the Coronavirus


Blacks, Hispanics Hit Harder by the Coronavirus, Early U.S. Data Show

The New York Times

Coronavirus Crisis Threatens Push for Denser Housing

NBC News

African Americans may be dying from COVID-19 at a higher rate. Better data is essential, experts say.

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