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Expertise Areas

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Balaji Padmanabhan

Dean's Professor of Decisions, Operations & Information Technologies, Director, Center for Artificial Intelligence in Business

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Shay Hazkani

Associate Professor of History and Jewish Studies

College of Arts and Humanities

Melinda Baldwin

Associate Professor of History

College of Arts and Humanities

Ruth Enid Zambrana

Distinguished University Professor, The Harriet Tubman Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

College of Arts and Humanities

Catherine Knight Steele

Associate Professor of Communication

College of Arts and Humanities

Karin Alejandra Rosemblatt

Professor and Director of the Nathan and Jeanette Miller Center for Historical Studies, History

College of Arts and Humanities

Psyche Williams-Forson

Professor and Chair of the Department of American Studies

College of Arts and Humanities

Crystal U. Davis

Associate Professor of Dance Performance and Scholarship and Head of Dance Performance and Scholarship

College of Arts and Humanities

Daniel Greene

Assistant Professor

College of Information Studies

Eun Kyoung Choe

Assistant Professor

College of Information Studies

Sheena Erete

Associate Professor

College of Information Studies

Elizabeth M. Bonsignore

Assistant Research Scientist, PhD || Director, KidsTeam

College of Information Studies

Tamara Clegg

Associate Professor & Program Director of the BA in Tech & Info Design

College of Information Studies

Vanessa Frias-Martinez

Associate Professor

College of Information Studies

Zubin Jelveh

Assistant Professor

College of Information Studies

Hernisa Kacorri

Assistant Professor

College of Information Studies

Jonathan Lazar


College of Information Studies

Mega Subramaniam

Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty

College of Information Studies

Susannah Paletz

Associate Professor & Program Co-Director of the BS in Social Data Science

College of Information Studies

Cody Buntain

Assistant Professor

College of Information Studies

Jennifer Golbeck


College of Information Studies

Katie Shilton

Associate Professor & Program Co-Director of the BS in Social Data Science

College of Information Studies

Kathy Weaver

Senior Lecturer & Director, Information Challenge Initiative

College of Information Studies

Charles Harry

Associate Research Professor

College of Information Studies

Arnaud Trouvé

Professor and Chair, UMD Dept. of Fire Protection Engineering

A. James Clark School of Engineering

Jessica Vitak

Associate Professor, HCIL Director

College of Information Studies

Beth St. Jean

Associate Professor

College of Information Studies

Diana Marsh

Assistant Professor

College of Information Studies

Richard Marciano


College of Information Studies

Naeemul Hassan

Assistant Professor

College of Information Studies

Susan Winter

Lecturer, Associate Dean for Research

College of Information Studies

Keith Marzullo

Professor and Dean

College of Information Studies

Nathan Hultman

Director, Center for Global Sustainability

School of Public Policy

Melissa Kearney

Neil Moskowitz Professor of Economics, Non-resident Senior Fellow at Brookings

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Department of Economics

Nicole Nguyen

Associate Clinical Professor, Director of Clinical Audiology

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Department of Hearing and Speech Services

Hoda Mahmoudi

Research Professor & Chair, Bahá’í Chair for World Peace

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Center for International Development and Conflict Management

Rod K. Brunson


College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Samuel Graham Jr.

Dean and Nariman Farvardin Professor

A. James Clark School of Engineering

Jon Traunfeld

Director, Home and Garden Information Center; Extension Specialist, Vegetables & Fruits

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Neith Little

Extension Educator - Urban Agriculture

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Kate Tully

Associate Professor of Agroecology in the Department of Plant Science & Landscape Architecture

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Adel Shirmohammadi

Professor, Environmental Science & Technology

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Timothy W. Koeth

Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

A. James Clark School of Engineering

Utpal Pal

Professor, Department of Veterinary Medicine

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Lisa Lachenmayr

Director and Principal Investigator of the Maryland SNAP-Ed program

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Naomi Sachs

Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Craig Beyrouty

Dean and Director, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Don Webster

Regional Aquaculture Specialist, University of Maryland Extension

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Mohammad Hafezi

Associate Professor, Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Physics

A. James Clark School of Engineering

James MacDonald

Research Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Paul Leisnham

Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Technology

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Shannon Dill

Extension Educator, Agriculture & Food Systems

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Sarah Anne Balcom

Principle Lecturer and Undergraduate program director, Department of Animal & Avian Sciences

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Paul Goeringer

Senior Faculty Specialist and Extension Legal Specialist in the Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Jianghong Meng

Professor, Director of Joint Institute for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition (JIFSAN) and the Center for Food Safety and Security Systems (CFS 3)

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Yiping Qi

Associate Professor, Department of Plant Science & Landscape Architecture

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Josh Davidsburg

Senior Lecturer

Philip Merrill College of Journalism

Mark Feldstein

Richard Eaton Professor of Broadcast Journalism

Philip Merrill College of Journalism

Marty Kaiser

Managing Director, Capital News Service

Philip Merrill College of Journalism

Rafael Lorente


Philip Merrill College of Journalism

Sean Mussenden

Data Editor, Howard Center for Investigative Journalism; Senior Lecturer

Philip Merrill College of Journalism

Howard Center

Sarah Oates

Professor and Senior Scholar

Philip Merrill College of Journalism

Dana Priest

John S. and James L. Knight Chair in Public Affairs Journalism

Philip Merrill College of Journalism

Linda Steiner

Professor; Director of ADVANCE

Philip Merrill College of Journalism

Krishnan Vasudevan

Assistant Professor in Visual Communication

Philip Merrill College of Journalism

Roland Rust

Distinguished University Professor, David Bruce Smith Chair in Marketing, Executive Director, Center for Excellence in Service

Robert H. Smith School of Business

P.K. Kannan

Associate Dean of Strategic Initiatives, Dean's Chair in Marketing Science

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Michael Wedel

Distinguished University Professor and PepsiCo Chair in Consumer Science

Robert H. Smith School of Business

David Kass

Clinical Professor of Finance

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Clifford Rossi

Executive-in-Residence and Professor of the Practice

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Albert “Pete” Kyle

Charles E. Smith Chair Professor of Finance

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Michael Faulkender

Professor of Finance

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Kislaya Prasad

Research Professor, Academic Director, Center for Global Business

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Anil K. Gupta

The Michael D. Dingman Chair in Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Jie Zhang

Professor of Marketing and the Harvey Sanders Fellow of Retail Management

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Progyan Basu

Clinical Professor of Accounting and Information Assurance

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Margrét Bjarnadóttir

Associate Professor of Management Science and Statistics

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Prabhudev Konana


Robert H. Smith School of Business

David A. Kirsch

Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Evan Starr

Assistant Professor of Management & Organization

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Philip T. Evers

Associate Professor of Logistics Management

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Rajshree Agarwal

The Rudolph Lamone Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy and Director of the Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Henry C. Boyd III

Clinical Professor of Marketing, Consultant and Attorney at Law

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Sandra C. Quinn

Professor and Chair, Family Science and Senior Associate Director, Maryland Center for Health Equity

School of Public Health

Stephen B. Thomas

Professor of Health Policy and Management and Director, Maryland Center for Health Equity

School of Public Health

Boris D. Lushniak

Dean and Professor

School of Public Health

Donald K. Milton


School of Public Health

Jennifer D. Roberts

Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology

School of Public Health

Allison Reilly

Assistant Professor

A. James Clark School of Engineering

Robert Briber

Associate Dean for Research and Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

A. James Clark School of Engineering

Peter Kofinas

Professor and Chair, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

A. James Clark School of Engineering

Joseph Richardson

Joel and Kim Feller Endowed Professor; Acting Chair, Department of African American Studies

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Katrina Groth

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, and Associate Director, Center for Risk and Reliability

A. James Clark School of Engineering

Thomas Mauriello

Senior Lecturer, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Tatiana Laboda

Professor, Department of Geographical Sciences

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

James Carroll

Director, Capital News Service Washington, D.C., Bureau; Lecturer

Philip Merrill College of Journalism

Eric D. Wachsman

Director and Professor of the Maryland Energy Innovation Institute, William Crentz Centennial Chair in Energy Research

A. James Clark School of Engineering

Sacoby Wilson

Associate Professor, Applied Environmental Health (MIAEH)

School of Public Health

Jessica Fish

Assistant Professor, Department of Family Science

School of Public Health

Juan Pablo Martínez Guzmán

Assistant Research Professor

School of Public Policy

Chris Justice

Professor and Chair, Department of Geographical Sciences

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Frauke Kreuter

Professor, Joint Program in Survey Methodology, Director, Social Data Science Center

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan

Professor of Economics

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Kathy Dow-Burger

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Gregory Ball

Vice President for Research

Office of the President

Rashawn Ray

Professor, Department of Sociology

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Katrina Walsemann

Associate Professor; Roger Lipitz Chair in Health Policy

School of Public Policy

Catherine Z. Worsnop

Assistant Professor; Research Fellow, CISSM

School of Public Policy

Alec Worsnop

Assistant Professor; Research Fellow, CISSM

School of Public Policy

Nancy Gallagher

Research Professor; Director, CISSM

School of Public Policy

Yueming "Lucy" Qiu

Associate Professor

School of Public Policy

Peter Reuter

Distinguished University Professor

School of Public Policy

Thomas Luke Spreen

Assistant Professor

School of Public Policy

Toby Egan

Associate Professor

School of Public Policy

Robert T. Grimm Jr.

Professor of the Practice; Levenson Family Chair in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership; Director of the Do Good Institute (DGI)

School of Public Policy

Philip Joyce

Professor and Senior Associate Dean

School of Public Policy

Robert C. Orr

Professor and Dean

School of Public Policy

Joannie Tremblay-Boire

Assistant Professor

School of Public Policy

Anand Patwardhan


School of Public Policy

Susan W. Parker

Professor; Senior Fellow, CISSM

School of Public Policy

Nathan Dietz

Associate Research Scholar; Senior Researcher, Do Good Institute; Research Director, CivIC

School of Public Policy

Rosina Bierbaum

Research Professor; Roy F. Westin Chair in Natural Economics

School of Public Policy

Melanie Killen

Professor of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology

College of Education

Matt Scassero

Director of Operations and Outreach, MATRIX Lab

A. James Clark School of Engineering

Ryan Sochol

Assistant Professor

A. James Clark School of Engineering

Ebony Terrell Shockley

Executive Director of Teacher Education

College of Education

William Ming Liu

Professor and Department Chair

College of Education

Jelena Srebric

Acting Associate Dean of Research, Professor

A. James Clark School of Engineering

Derek Paley

Director, Maryland Robotics Center

A. James Clark School of Engineering

Jennifer King Rice

Senior Vice President and Provost

Office of the Provost

Donald J. Bolger

Associate Professor

College of Education

Ankur Srivastava

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering,and Institute for Systems Research; Director of the Institute for Systems Research

A. James Clark School of Engineering

Christine Hartzell

Assistant Professor

A. James Clark School of Engineering

Deb Niemeier

Clark Distinguished Chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering

A. James Clark School of Engineering

Sean B. Carroll

Distinguished University Professor

College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Rita Colwell

Distinguished University Professor

College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Russell Dickerson


College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Thomas Holtz

Principal Lecturer

College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Shibley Telhami

Anwar Sadat Professor for Peace and Development

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Arie W. Kruglanski

Distinguished University Professor

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Bridget Turner Kelly

Associate Professor and Diversity Officer

College of Education

Doug Lombardi

Associate Professor

College of Education

Campbell F. Scribner

Assistant Professor of Education

College of Education

David Blazar

Assistant Professor of Education Policy and Economics

College of Education

Amy Dwyre D'Agati

Senior Faculty Specialist, Center for Transition and Career Innovation

College of Education

Michelle Espino

Associate Professor, Higher Education, Student Affairs, and International Education Policy Program

College of Education

Kimberly Griffin

Dean and professor

College of Education

Sarah McGrew

Assistant Professor

College of Education

Cixin Wang

Associate Professor

College of Education

David Weintrop

Assistant Professor

College of Education

Gregory R. Hancock

Professor and Distinguished Scholar-Teacher of Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation

College of Education

Patricia A. Alexander

Distinguished University Professor

College of Education

Kathy Best


Howard Center

Tom Bettag


Philip Merrill College of Journalism

Kevin Blackistone

Professor of the Practice

Philip Merrill College of Journalism

DeNeen Brown

Associate Professor

Philip Merrill College of Journalism

Christy Tirrell-Corbin

Executive Director, Center for Early Childhood Education and Intervention

College of Education

Jonathan Katz


College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Dave Levin

Assistant Professor

College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Kan Cao

Associate Professor

College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Andrew Childs


College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Karen Lips


College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Margaret Palmer

Distinguished University Professor

College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Natasha A. Mitchell

Associate Clinical Professor

College of Education

Steve Rolston


College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Ross Salawitch


College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Amitabh Varshney

Professor and Dean

College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Ellen Williams

Distinguished University Professor

College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Elizabeth Quinlan


College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Mike Raupp

Professor Emeritus

College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Dinesh Manocha

Distinguished University Professor

College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Christopher Bonner

Associate Professor, History

College of Arts and Humanities

Janelle Wong

Professor of American Studies and Government and Politics

College of Arts and Humanities

Psyche Williams-Forson

Professor and Chair of the Department of American Studies

College of Arts and Humanities

Clara Irazábal-Zurita

Professor of Urban Planning and Director of the Urban Planning and Studies program

School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Willow Lung-Amam

Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Studies and Director of Community Development at the National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education

School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Donald Linebaugh

Professor of Historic Preservation and Interim Dean

School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Gerrit-Jan Knaap

Professor. Director of the National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education

School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Michele Lamprakos

Associate Professor of Architecture

School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Ming Hu

Assistant Professor of Architecture

School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Marccus Hendricks

Assistant Professor; Director at SIRJ Lab; Affiliated Research Faculty, Clark School of Engineering's Center for Disaster Resilience, NCSG and EFC

School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Ariel Bierbaum

Assistant Professor of Urban Studies and Planning

School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Hiroyuki Iseki

Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Studies, Director, Ph.D. Program

School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Madlen Simon

Professor of Architecture, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

News Releases

$2.3M in State Grants Awarded to University of Maryland-Affiliated Projects Advancing Energy Storage, Materials, Quantum and More

Maryland Department of Commerce funding strengthens UMD as the Capital of Quantum and a center for research and development

John Beieler Named Executive Director of UMD’s Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security

University of Maryland taps the U.S. Intelligence Community’s Chief AI Officer to lead its UARC

U.S News Ranks UMD’s Graduate Engineering in Top 10 Among Public Universities

6 Programs Listed Among Top 15 in Nation

University of Maryland Launches 2024 Election Hub

The platform highlights university expertise in election-related topics to support media and centralizes important voting information for the UMD community

UMD Receives Entrepreneurial University Award at Annual Innovation Symposium

Deshpande Symposium Recognizes UMD for Leadership in Entrepreneurship Education and Engagement

UMD Awarded New Contract Worth Up to $500 Million to Support Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security

Unique Research Lab Addresses National Security Challenges with a Human-Centered Lens

Governor Wes Moore to Deliver University of Maryland’s 2024 Commencement Address

The Maryland governor will address graduates of the state’s flagship university at campus ceremony on May 20, 2024

UMD Moves Forward on New Energy System

Investment Would Increase Efficiency, Prepare Campus for Alternative Fuel Sources

UMD Celebrates Maryland Day 2024

Annual event celebrating the campus and community returns April 27, 2024

UMD School of Public Health Launches New Department of Global, Environmental, and Occupational Health

New major in global health, new specialization in environmental justice will round out the department.

University of Maryland Dedicates New Chemistry Building

The new facility will serve as a hub for quantum chemistry, molecular nanoscience and sustainability research.

UMD Graduate Programs Earn High Marks in Latest U.S. News Rankings

Many Specialties Place in Top 25 Nationwide

UMD Launches Institute Focused on Ethical AI Development

The institute will support interdisciplinary research and education that promote the responsible use of AI and prepare the future workforce for an AI-infused world

3 UMD Terps Named 2024 Goldwater Scholars

UMD’s 49 Scholarships in the Past 15 Years Rank No. 2 in the Nation

Two Researchers Elected to the National Academy of Education

Melanie Killen and Allan Wigfield Are Among 14 Scholars Recognized in 2024

University of Maryland Receives $27.2 Million Gift to Support Mathematics Research and Outreach

Funding will endow the Brin Mathematics Research Center, establish a new endowed chair and launch a summer camp for Maryland high school students

Wireless Communications Innovator Elected to National Academy of Engineering

K.J. Ray Liu Pioneered Advances in Signal Tracking, Motion Detection, Health Monitoring

UMD Surpasses $4M Milestone on Record-Breaking Giving Day

Athletics, Hillel, College of Education Top Leaderboard

USM Named to Top 10 of Nation’s Patent-Producing Universities

University of Maryland, College Park Awarded 59 Patents in 2023

UMD Named Top Producer of Fulbright Students, Scholars

20 Terps Awarded Scholarships, Fellowships for Study, Research Abroad in 2023-24

University of Maryland Welcomes Tania D. Mitchell as First Associate Provost for Community Engagement

Mitchell will lead the university’s new Center for Community Engagement and collaborate with campus partners to expand and support community engaged research, teaching, learning and service activities

UMD’s Online Graduate Programs Jump in U.S. News Rankings

Master’s in Engineering Soars to No. 6; MBA Rises to No. 11

UMD Researchers Elected to National Academy of Inventors

Computer Scientist and Engineer, Chemist Lauded for Significant Contributions to Science and Society

Commanders to Move Business Operations to Discovery District

Relocation Expected to Expand Partnerships With UMD

University of Maryland Research Spending Rises, Earning Top 20 Ranking From NSF

Annual Survey Puts UMD at No. 19 Overall, No. 11 Among Public Institutions

Hundreds To Gather At University Of Maryland For National Student Vote Summit

Gathering is major launch point for nonpartisan college student voter engagement in 2024

University of Maryland Strategic Partnership Announces Prestigious MPower Professorships

Six professors from University of Maryland, Baltimore & University of Maryland, College Park awarded $150,000 each over three years to support their collaborative work

UMD Denounces Antisemitism in No Uncertain Terms

UMD Statement on November 9, 2023 Demonstration

UMD Criminologist to Receive World’s Top Prize in Criminology

Gary LaFree Becomes Third UMD Researcher to Win Stockholm Prize Since 2011

UMD Ranked a Top 5 School for Entrepreneurship

Maryland Rises to No. 4 Among Public Universities, No. 1 in Mid-Atlantic in Annual List

UMD Sociologist Receives $1M Berggruen Philosophy Prize

Patricia Hill Collins Honored for Research on Intersections of Gender, Race, Class

UMD to Become National Headquarters for Clark Scholars Program Network

Thanks to a $20.6 million investment from the A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation, the program will have a new permanent home at UMD’s A. James Clark School of Engineering

UMD gun violence expert elected to the National Academy of Medicine

Joseph Richardson Jr. Becomes Record 69th UMD Faculty Member in National Academies

University of Maryland Celebrates 100th Homecoming

The milestone marks a century of welcoming alums back to campus for a week of reuniting and reminiscing

University Of Maryland To Award Students Up To $2M With Launch Of xFOUNDRY@UMD

New initiative will recruit students for courses, competition, venture investment, helping to find solutions to global grand challenges

University of Maryland Expands Discovery District Footprint with New Property Acquisition

Space and Surrounding Area Will Foster Continued Growth of University’s Academic and Research Mission

University Of Maryland Civic Engagement Expert Explores Political Division in American Life

Ahead of the 2024 presidential election, the new book by Shanna Pearson-Merkowitz seeks to understand the far-reaching impact of polarization on a nation in turmoil

University of Maryland and IonQ Celebrate Opening of QLab: A Hub for Quantum Computing Research

QLab offers researchers, students, professionals direct access to cutting-edge quantum computers

UMD Rises in U.S. News’ Rankings of National Universities

Maryland Is No. 19 Among Public Schools, Jumps Nine Spots in Overall Rating

UMD Climbs in Forbes’ Ranking of Top U.S. Colleges

University Rises to No. 13 Among Publics, 34th Overall

University of Maryland Ranks Amongst the Best Workplaces in America in 2023 by Forbes, Newsweek

Recognized as the #1 employer in education, awarded 3 years in a row

UMD Ranked Nation’s No. 1 College for LGBTQ+ Students

Rankings by Campus Pride, BestColleges highlight campus climate, student safety, support

UMD's Craig Kier Appointed Director of Arts for All

School of Music associate professor champions the power of the arts to connect everyone together.

University of Maryland Welcomes New President, At-Large Members of the Alumni Association Board of Governors

The new president and seven at-large members will help to oversee the strategic direction and future programming of the university’s Alumni Association

The University of Maryland Joins National Cohort to Address Antisemitism on Campus

As part of the fourth cohort of Hillel International’s Campus Climate Initiative (CCI), campus administrators will receive training and resources to create a positive environment for Jewish students

UMD Leaders Respond to Supreme Court Ruling Striking Down Affirmative Action

Pines, Rice Vow Strengthened Commitment to Diverse, Inclusive Campus

Hazel Analytics, A Food Safety Technology Company Co-Founded by UMD Professors, Acquired by Ecolab

Startup developed from UMD research to operate under brand protection branch of global sustainability leader

Op/Ed: Problems We Will Solve

Pines: We must consider the technology’s upside

International Fire Safety Consortium Releases Free, Open Access Video Webinar Series on Wildland Fires

Series Made Possible Through Partnership with Underwriters Laboratories Fire Safety Research Institute and UMD

At UMD, EPA Chief Tells Young People: “Never Forget How Vital Your Role Is”

Biden Administration Rolls Out New Proposed Regulations on Energy Sector at Campus Event

UMD Quantum Physicist Elected to National Academy of Sciences

Julienne Pioneered the Field of Ultracold Matter

Resilience Research Showcase Highlights Interdisciplinary Projects

Presentations and videos featured across resilience themes, including environmental, economic, health and safety

Device That Harvests Water From Air Named Top UMD Invention of the Year

Innovate Maryland Event Also Celebrates Work on Plastic Substitutes, Cancer Detection, Quantum Science

UMD Leads New $20M NSF Institute for Trustworthy AI in Law and Society

The institute will take a holistic approach, integrating broader participation in AI design, new technology development, and more informed governance of AI-infused systems.

University of Maryland Expands ‘Do Good’ Program

New courses, faculty, research and opportunities aim to amplify social impact in the community and around the world

UMD Quantum Physicist Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Wendell Hill’s Election Follows Fundamental Discoveries in Laser-Matter Interaction

University System of Maryland Ranks Among World’s Top Patent-Producing Institutions

New Report Lists USM 14th in U.S. Public Universities, 32nd Worldwide

U.S. News Ranks 53 UMD Graduate Programs in Top 25

More than 50 Schools and Specialties Earn Top 25 Spots Nationwide

President Darryll Pines Offers Vision for Growing the ‘Capital of Quantum’ at UMD-Sponsored Summit

Quantum Investment Event Focuses on Building Thriving Business Infrastructure Around Revolutionary Technology

Rising to a Grand Challenge: Food, Energy and Water in a Changing Climate

Institutional Grant Team Works for Balanced Approaches to Existential Problems

With New UMD Invention, All the Cool Kids Will Be Riding the Bus

Plant-Topped, Solar-Powered Shelters to Debut in Prince George’s County

UMD Faculty Honored at 2023 Maryland Research Excellence Celebration

Annual Event Recognizes High-Impact and Transformative Research

Three Terps Named 2023 Goldwater Scholars

UMD’s 49 Scholarships in the Past 15 Years Rank No. 1 in the Nation

University of Maryland Joins STARS College Network

The first-of-its-kind nationwide initiative aims to empower students from small-town and rural communities to succeed in higher education pursuits

State Partners With UMD to Plan 60% Carbon Emissions Reduction, Moore Announces

Center for Global Sustainability Analysis Will Identify Opportunities for Greenhouse Gas Cuts

UMD Survey Indicates ‘New Normal’ for Maryland’s Daily Commute

Hybrid, In-person Workers Reject Transit and Biking, Even for Short Trips

Major Droughts, Rainfall Events Occurring More Often, UMD and NASA study finds

Decades of Satellite Data Reveal Punishing Local Hydrological Extremes in NASA-UMD Study

UMD Well Water Data Finds Contamination Frequent on Farms

Extension Researcher Finds Bacteria, Suggests Filter Use to Boost Safety

UMD Breaks Another Giving Day Record With $3.8M Raised

Nearly 9K Donors Participate in Annual Philanthropy Marathon

Journalist Gayle King ’76 to Deliver University of Maryland’s 2023 Commencement Address

Co-host of “CBS Mornings” will speak at campus ceremony on May 22, 2023

The University of Maryland joins Washington, DC-area universities in releasing recommendations to reduce gun violence in the United States

UMD and members of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area provide approaches to address ongoing national crisis

$1.35M Grant to Fund UMD-Led Team’s Study of Climate Change and Septic Tank Failure

Growing Hazard for Coastal Dwellers Doesn’t Affect All Marylanders Equally, Researchers Say

University of Maryland Celebrates Naming of Thurgood Marshall Hall

The home of UMD’s School of Public Policy now bears the name of the late civil rights lawyer and former U.S. Supreme Court justice

Two UMD Faculty Members Receive 2023 Sloan Research Fellowships

Early-Career Award Honors Computational Astrophysicist, Quantum-Focused Computer Scientist

University of Maryland Names School of Public Policy Building in Honor of Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall

The naming of Thurgood Marshall Hall represents the university’s commitment to honoring trailblazers and recognizes his contributions to the campus

University of Maryland Awards $30 Million to Projects Addressing Humanity’s Grand Challenges

50 Grants Spanning Campus to Spur World-Changing, Interdisciplinary Research and Solutions

Three Faculty Members Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Innovators in New Materials, Rotorcraft Design, AI Honored; Former Vice President for Research Also Recognized

Seven Faculty Researchers Named AAAS Fellows

National Honor Recognizes Outstanding Scientific Contributions

Global Land Programme’s Headquarters is UMD-Bound

International Network’s Thousands of Scientists Study Issues Ranging from Global Carbon Emissions to Food Security

UMD's Deb Niemeier Selected for Franklin Institute’s 2023 Bower Award and prize for Achievement

Clark Distinguished Chair is honored for her research on transportation, climate, and equity

UMD Biological Sciences, Economics Double-Degree Senior Named 2023 Churchill Scholar

Eighth UMD Student in Six Years Wins Scholarship for Graduate Studies at Cambridge

UMD Professor Honored as Maryland Chemist of the Year

UMD Professor Cheng Gong was awarded the Maryland Section of the American Chemical Society 2022 Chemist of the Year. He is being recognized for “the innovative development of nanosensors based on two-dimensional (2D) quantum materials”.

University of Maryland Ranked Among Top 10 Public Research Universities in NSF HERD Survey for Third Straight Year

University of Maryland, College Park and University of Maryland, Baltimore Report Combined Research Expenditures of $1.14 Billion

Restoring Island-Ocean Connections Creates Broad Benefits, Study Finds

UMD Scientist Helps to Highlight Need for Coordinated Conservation of Linked Terrestrial, Marine Ecosystems

Bioengineering Grad Awarded National Mitchell Scholarship

Neelesh Mupparapu Named One of 12 Winners to Pursue Graduate Study in Ireland

University of Maryland Launches New Center for the Study and Practice of Violence Reduction

Center will combine rigorous research with practical know-how to produce effective community violence solutions, thanks to generous support from Arnold Ventures

UMD Climbs in Annual Rankings of Top Schools for Entrepreneurship

Maryland Earns Top 10 Nod From The Princeton Review, Entrepreneur Magazine for Eighth Straight Year

University of Maryland Celebrates Ceremonial Groundbreaking of Interdisciplinary Engineering Building Honoring Stanley R. Zupnik

New state-of-the-art facility will support new generations of engineers and help develop leaders who will work together to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues

University of Maryland Strategic Partnership Announces New Institute to Transform Medicine Using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Located at the North Bethesda Metro Station, Institute Will Create New Paradigm in Health Care Delivery and Personalized Approach to Patients

University of Maryland Strategic Partnership Announces Prestigious MPower Professorships

Six professors from University of Maryland, Baltimore & University of Maryland, College Park awarded $150,000 each over three years to fund groundbreaking research projects

Philip Merrill Presidential Scholars Program Honors Top Students and Their Mentors

The University of Maryland Office of Undergraduate Studies has announced the 19 recipients of its annual Philip Merrill Presidential Scholars Program, which recognizes top graduating seniors at the University of Maryland, and the professors and K-12...

University of Maryland Honors Piscataway Heritage at Yahentamitsi Dining Hall Dedication

Meaning “a place to go to eat,” the dining hall’s name is in honor of the Piscataway People, the ancestral stewards of the land on which the university stands

University of Maryland Dedicates New State-of-the-Art Home for School of Public Policy

The dynamic space supports the school's mission to fearlessly pursue the public good

University of Maryland Announces $20M Investment in Need-Based Financial Aid

Terrapin Commitment program will transform the university’s need-based financial aid

Expert on Health Inequities Elected to National Academy of Medicine

Ruth Enid Zambrana Becomes Record 62nd UMD Faculty Member in National Academies By Jessica Weiss ’05 Oct 17, 2022

MPower Professor Profile: Deanna L. Kelly, PharmD, BCPP

MPower Professor Seeks to Improve Lives of People with Severe Mental Illness

MPower Professor Profile: Joseph B. Richardson, Ph.D., M.A.

Inaugural MPower Professor Forges Strategic Partnerships to Improve the Lives of Black Victims of Gun Violence

University of Maryland Honors Trailblazers at Dedication of Johnson-Whittle Residence Hall

Namesakes Elaine Johnson Coates and Hiram Whittle broke barriers that contributed to the rich diversity and culture that now define UMD’s campus

UMD-Led Report Pushes Strategies for Affordable Housing, Bike Access, Small Business Support Along Purple Line Corridor

Coalition Ties Equity in Development to Economic Growth in Region

UMD’s Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center Awarded NASA Funding Renewal

The five-year, $95 million cooperative agreement will support the center’s research efforts.

MPower Professor Profile: Yihua Bruce Yu, Ph.D.

Inaugural MPower Professor Uses Collaborative Approach to Improve Quality Control of Vaccines and Therapeutic Drugs

UMD Health Center Named “LGBTQ+ Healthcare Equity Leader” by Human Rights Campaign Foundation

The Health Center earns this designation for the seventh consecutive year, with the maximum Healthcare Equality Index score of 100.

UMD receives $1.65M grant from the Department of Education for Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program

The competitive program grant renewal has been awarded every five years since 1990, aimed at preparing traditionally underrepresented students to pursue careers in academia

$25 Million Commitment Will Fund New World-Class Engineering Facility at the University of Maryland

The interdisciplinary engineering building, named in honor of benefactor Stanley R. Zupnik ‘59, will help prepare engineers to solve society’s grand challenges

University of Maryland Climbs in U.S. News Rankings of Top Public Schools

UMD rises to no. 19; computer science, veteran-friendly campus ratings also gain ground

MPower Professor Profile: Dr. Cheryl Knott

Inaugural MPower Professor Bridges the Gap Between Campuses to Prevent Cancer Disparities

University of Maryland Joins DC-area Universities to Address Gun Violence

The Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area launches bold initiative to advance research-based plans for action

UMD Study Finds Wave of Activism After George Floyd's Murder Drew from Multiple Issues, Identities

Analysis shows how intersectionality connects motivations of participants in some of the most racially diverse protests to date

University of Maryland Welcomes New Neighbor this Year: Trader Joe’s

Grocery Store Will Be First in Prince George’s County, Thanks to Partnership and Collaboration

UMD Announces NextGen Energy Program Private Sector Partner Finalists

The two finalists will be asked to submit final proposals that include measures to make the decarbonization of campus heating and cooling by 2035 realizable.

UMD's Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center Announces New Executive Director

Terrence "Terry" Dwyer brings more than 30 years of experience leading major arts presenting organizations across the United States

UMD Research Scientist Tapped to Lead New Federal Health Agency

Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) Aims to Speed Breakthroughs in Disease Dagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

UMD Professor Adds New Company to College Park Quantum Ecosystem

Q-Cat to Identify, Create and Grow Quantum-Focused Start-ups in Maryland

UMD Celebrates 2022 Spring and 2021 Winter and Summer Graduates, Bestows Honorary Degrees

At Ceremony Addressed by Jeff Kinney ‘93, Thousands of UMD Students Celebrate

Social Justice Advocates, Community Leaders, Family and Friends Gather at University of Maryland to Dedicate Lt. Richard Collins III Plaza

Ceremony united thought leaders and university community to honor the Collins legacy, advance discussions on social justice and equity for all

University of Maryland Adds $67M IDEA Factory to Its Innovation Ecosystem

E.A. Fernandez IDEA Factory will inspire innovation, entrepreneurship and world-class research with its design promoting collaboration across disciplines

MEDIA ADVISORY: UMD Hosts Dedication Ceremony for Lt. Richard Collins III Plaza

Social justice activists, community leaders, government officials, university community, family and friends gather to honor the life and legacy of Lt. Collins and advance conversations on social justice

University of Maryland Celebrates Opening of E.A. Fernandez IDEA Factory

$67 million state-of-the-art facility will foster new technology innovations in autonomous flight, quantum computing, robotics and more, and spark regional prosperity

From Landmine Danger to Food Insecurity, UMD Inventions of the Year Tackle Grand Challenges

At Innovate Maryland event, UMD President Pines Heralds Turning “Expertise Into Actions”

UMD, IRC Welcome Afghan Refugees to University Residences in a Pioneering Partnership

University’s collaboration with the International Rescue Committee is developing a new model for public universities

Three Terps Named 2022 Goldwater Scholars

UMD’s 35 scholarships in the past decade rank second in the nation

University of Maryland Graduate Programs Earn High Rankings From U.S. News

Dozens of Specialties Placed in Top 25 Nationwide

UMD Beats Fundraising Record on Ninth Annual Giving Day

$3.7 million raised will support learning, teaching, research, the arts, student life and public service initiatives

'MPower Partnership Announces $3 Million in New Seed Grant Funding to Advance Collaborative Research

Led jointly by researchers at the University of Maryland, College Park and the University of Maryland, Baltimore, 17 projects are awarded in six research areas of high importance

University of Maryland Breaks Ground on Plaza Honoring 1st Lt. Richard W. Collins III

Permanent memorial features plaque honoring Lt. Collins, display of Unity Mural

Gene Editing Breakthrough in Ticks to Help Combat Lyme Disease

UMD Researchers Collaborate on Discovery that Could Reduce Threat of Tick-Borne Diseases

Inaugural University of Maryland Neuro-Link Grant Supports Glioblastoma Research Collaboration

Funding pathway promotes high-impact collaborations between the University of Maryland, Baltimore Department of Neurosurgery and the University of Maryland, College Park Fischell Department of Bioengineering

University of Maryland to Celebrate Winter and Spring Graduates at 2022 Commencement Ceremony

In-person event at Maryland Stadium on May 20 will feature remarks by author, illustrator and Diary of a Wimpy Kid creator, Jeff Kinney ’93

UMD, Partners Look for Ways to Make Children’s Masks Safer

Pioneering Research of Fit, Effectiveness Could Help Lead to Manufacturing Standards

Dr. Gregory Ball Named New Vice President for Research at UMCP and UMB

Dean and Psychology Researcher to Lead $1.3 Billion Joint Research Enterprise

UMD Public Health Study Provides Data Showing Lower Life Expectancy in Redlined Neighborhoods

Redlining’s Lingering Impacts on Health in Baltimore, Maryland

UMD Announces Recipients of Independent Scholarship, Research and Creativity Awards

Joint Provost-VPR program supports faculty pursuing independent scholarly, creative projects

Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research Receives $16.8 M Investment from the National Institute of Standards and Technology

New Cooperative Agreement to Aid in the Development of Therapeutics and Vaccines, Improve Access to Medication

UMD and Underwriters Laboratories to Lead Worldwide Partnership to Improve Understanding of Wildfires and Fire Modeling

Underwriters Laboratories Commits $1M for Collaborative Research with International Fire Safety Consortium

Two UMD Science Majors Win 2022 Churchill Scholarships

The Seven UMD students nominated in the past five years have all been named Churchill Scholars

$4.75 Million Gift Establishes Brin Mathematics Research Center at UMD

Center will expand the Department of Mathematics’ research in mathematics and statistics.

University of Maryland, Department of Defense Celebrate Opening of the Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security (ARLIS)

Center Tackles Complex National Security Problems with Multidisciplinary Teams of Experts

Author and Illustrator Jeff Kinney ’93 to Address University of Maryland’s Winter 2021 Graduates

“Diary of a Wimpy Kid” creator will speak at campuswide ceremony on Dec. 20 at the XFINITY Center

A Singular Weapon in Stormwater Management: Urban Trees

UMD Researchers Find Individual Trees Absorb Far More Water Than Those in Clusters or Forests

$32.5M NASA & UMD Funding Agreement Supports Study of Comets, Asteroids and Meteorites

UMD Astronomers to Expand and Upgrade Database of Small Space Objects

$2.5M Gift From Clarvit Family to Fund Art and Education Resources at the University of Maryland

Clarvits’ Gifts Will Support the College of Arts and Humanities and the College of Education

University of Maryland Strategic Partnership Announces MPower Professorships

Eight professors from the University of Maryland, Baltimore and the University of Maryland, College Park awarded $150,000 each over three years.

MPower Grant Supports University of Maryland, College Park and Baltimore Clinical and Translational Research Collaborations

Award will help researchers access resources for clinical training, engage in pilot research, strengthen bioinformatic infrastructure.

University of Maryland’s Fearless Ideas: The Campaign for Maryland Raises Record $1.5B

Multiyear fundraising campaign supported by more than 110,000 donors

University of Maryland Reveals New Dining Hall Name in Honor of Piscataway Tribe

In partnership with the Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives, UMD kicked off Native American Indigenous Heritage Month with ground blessing ceremony

Media Advisory: University of Maryland Celebrates $2M SBA Grant for Veterans Business Outreach Center

SBA Administrator Guzman, Senator Cardin Join UMD President to kick off Veterans Small Business Week

University of Maryland Collaborates with AT&T to Develop Cyberbullying Prevention Initiatives

AT&T contributes $75,000 to UMD for bullying prevention research; Terrapin Upstander Program to help teens curb cyberbullying in their schools and communities

Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science Receives Renewed Federal Funding from NIST

Funding will allow the center to expand its research and educational activities, including additional support for postdocs and graduate students

MITRE Joins University of Maryland Quantum Startup Foundry as Founding Member

QSF and MITRE to Connect Quantum Startups, Entrepreneurs with Public Sector

Foundational Findings Show Quantum Computers Can Be Better Than the Sum of Their Parts

Research by JQI Fellow Christopher Monroe’s group and Duke colleagues indicates quantum computers can give trustworthy results even when built from pieces that sometimes fail

University of Maryland Dedicates Pyon-Chen Residence Hall

Part of new Heritage Community, the hall honors two Maryland trailblazers

The University of Maryland Teams Up with L2 Brands and Unifi to Promote Sustainability

UMD partners with L2 Brands to provide Terp fans with Maryland League apparel made with REPREVE recycled fibers.

UMD Research Shows Maryland Excels in Service But Lags Nation in Neighborliness

Do Good Institute and Civic Innovation Center Report Gauges Civic Participation at State and National Levels

NSF Awards $5M to UMD-led Multi-Institutional Team for Development of Prototype Quantum Routers, Modems

Grant supports UMD-led work to develop crucial technology to connect quantum computers and pave the way for a quantum internet

U.S. News Ranks UMD No. 20 Among Top Public Institutions

Engineering, Computer Science and Business Programs Also Recognized

IonQ and University of Maryland Establish First-of-its-Kind National Quantum Lab

New $20M Investment From UMD Will Provide University and its Partners with Unprecedented Access to Quantum Computing

UMD Leads New $25M NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute for Robust Quantum Simulation

New institute will significantly add to the vibrant quantum research ecosystem established in the mid-Atlantic region.

$1.5M Gift From Fishlinger Family Foundation to Fund Entrepreneurship Center, Career Advising

Father-Son Alums Continue Support of UMD With New Funds to Maryland Smith, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

DOE Funds $6 Million for UMD-Led Creation of Biofuels and Bioplastics from Food Waste

UMD Professor Stephanie Lansing to head consortium of scientists and industry partners seeking to reduce use of fossil fuels & landfills by creating renewable resources

NSF Awards UMD $15 Million to Lead Mid-Atlantic Innovation Hub

UMD to Collaborate With Nine Universities to Deliver Entrepreneurship Training and Expand Research Impact Through NSF I-Corps Program

UMD Breaks Ground on New Chemistry Building

Leading-edge facility will enable new discoveries and transformational research and innovation

New UMD Public Health Study Shows Singing, Talking Emit More Virus

Researchers Continue to Zero in on How COVID-19 Spreads

UMD Fire Protection Engineers Track a Different Kind of ‘Superspreader’

Research Aims to Make Buildings More Resistant to Wildfire

Exercise Intervention in Older Adults Improved Brain Function Related to Memory

Adults with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) showed increased functional connectivity in the hippocampus after 12 week walking program

Key Hires in Student Affairs Prioritize Student Experience and Inclusive Campus

Inaugural Dean of Students appointed amid continued growth in the Division of Student Affairs

EY named founding member of the University of Maryland Quantum Startup Foundry

QSF and EY to work with startups and entrepreneurs on innovative technologies and services

New Cybersecurity Aptitude Assessment Arises from Research Developed at the University of Maryland

Cyber Aptitude Test assesses & maps aptitude for cybersecurity roles

Scrape? Cut? Seal It with New Product Created at UMD

Rapid-Seal®, a new gel that can stop bleeding in seconds, has hit both virtual and brick-and-mortar shelves as the first consumer product released by Medcura Inc., a company launched at the University of Maryland. The new gel is now available through...

University of Maryland Welcomes New At-Large Members and President of the Alumni Association Board of Governors

The members will help oversee the strategic direction and future programming of the university’s Alumni Association

UMD Invests Over $10M in Research Equipment to Drive Discovery, Innovation

Labs Focused on Quantum Technology, Energy Storage, Neuroscience and More Getting Big Upgrades

Cancelled: University of Maryland, City of College Park Fourth of July Celebration

Annual Independence Day celebration cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic

University of Maryland Awarded $2M SBA Grant for Veterans Business Outreach Center

Mid-Atlantic initiative will serve veteran entrepreneurs across Del., Md., Penn., and D.C.

University of Maryland Names Dr. Samuel Graham, Jr. Dean of the Clark School of Engineering

Graham will provide leadership and vision for the Clark School, while sharing the school’s mission with students, faculty, staff, alumni, public agencies, and supporters, and fostering an environment of excellence in teaching and learning

UMD, UMBC, ARL Announce $68M Cooperative Agreement to Accelerate AI, Autonomy in Complex Environments

An interdisciplinary team of University of Maryland researchers—with support from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL)—aims to create a new generation of AI-powered technologies and autonomous devices able to work individually, with other devices,...

Media Tour of Jones-Hill House Set for June 4

Members of the media will have an opportunity to tour Jones-Hill House on Friday, June 4 at 1 p.m. The Maryland football team will tour its new home for the first time on the morning of June 4 and the building will become the fully functioning home of...

University of Maryland Celebrates Spring 2021 Commencement In Person and Virtually

13,000 graduates, families and friends participated in person and more than 10,000 viewers tuned in to the live stream in first-of-its-kind UMD commencement

University of Maryland to Host In-Person Spring 2021 Commencement

Multiple live ceremonies will be held in the Capital One Field at Maryland Stadium

Incentive Awards Program Celebrates Milestone in Helping Underserved Students Thrive

The University of Maryland's Incentive Awards Program (IAP) celebrated its 20th anniversary on May 12, 2021 by saluting the newest Incentive Awards scholars, celebrating the 2021 graduates, and reflecting on the program's history, impact, and future.

Gas Leak Contained at UMD; Campus Drive Now Open

The safety of our campus community is of the utmost importance, and we have taken several steps to prioritize safety while providing timely communication to our students, faculty and staff. Once Purple Line contractors notified university leadership...

DOE Awards UMD $1.5M for Quantum Information Research to Advance Fusion Energy

Can quantum information science help the U.S. realize holy grail of clean abundant fusion energy? QuantumTechnology Center at the UMD gets $1.5 million from the U.S. Department of Energy to help pursue this goal

The University of Maryland Receives First-gen Forward Designation

National Honor for Commitment to First-generation Student Success

Research Reveals Negative Effects of Hotel App Adoption on Customer Spending

Companies have often considered app adoption among their customers to have a positive impact on customer spending. According to new research from Maryland Smith’s P.K. Kannan, higher app adoption among hotel chains could be linked to lower spending...

UMD-led Center for Research and Exploration in Space Science & Technology Signs $178M Cooperative Agreement to Continue Partnership with NASA Through 2027

CRESST II will continue to foster research collaborations between NASA Goddard and partner institutions, including UMD.

Two University of Maryland Faculty Elected to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences

COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Two University of Maryland faculty members—Michele Gelfand, a distinguished professor of psychology, and Alessandra Buonanno a research professor of physics—have been elected to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, one of the...

University of Maryland Names Jennifer King Rice Senior Vice President and Provost

The University of Maryland has named Jennifer King Rice Ph.D., as Senior Vice President and Provost, effective August 11, 2021.

University of Maryland Accelerates Emissions-Cutting Goal

President Pines announces university’s aims for carbon neutrality by 2025, all electric fleet by 2035

UMD's Arts for All initiative Partners the Arts with the Sciences, Technology and 0ther Disciplines

University of Maryland President Darryll Pines announced a new initiative, Arts for All, during his Inauguration Ceremony on April 22. The initiative will expand arts programming across campus and create new opportunities for students and faculty to...

University to Honor Billy Jones and Darryl Hill, Two Athletic and Social Justice Trailblazers

Jones-Hill House to serve as home of Maryland Football

University of Maryland Announces $40 Million Investment in Faculty Diversity Initiatives

FAMILE program aims to increase faculty from diverse backgrounds over next decade

University of Maryland Launches Quantum Business Incubator

The Quantum Startup Foundry will support new businesses in the quantum technology field.

The University of Maryland Inaugurates President Darryll J. Pines

President Pines Reveals Five Bold Actions Outlining Goals and Vision for the University

University of Maryland Announces Plans for Commencement Celebration, Speaker Peter Chapman

IonQ Inc. President and CEO will address Spring 2021 and Recent Past Graduates in Ceremony at Maryland Stadium

University of Maryland Launches National Network to Tackle Small Business Displacement

JPMorgan Chase funds initiative to combat the effects of commercial gentrification and COVID-19 in neighborhoods across the United States

Three UMD Students Named 2021 Goldwater Scholars

Three latest University of Maryland Goldwater scholars make 37 such scholars from UMD in the past 10 years

UMD Graduate Programs Receive High Rankings by U.S. News and World Report

University of Maryland places seven graduate programs in the top five and 25 in the top 20.

Terrapin Development Company selects Brandywine Realty Trust as Master Developer for Next Phase of Discovery District Development

Terrapin Development Company, the University of Maryland and Brandywine partner on $300+ million mixed-use innovation neighborhood spanning 5 acres within the Discovery District.

University of Maryland Joins Nationwide Taskforce on Higher Education and Opportunity

UMD joins group of near 40 universities to address challenges facing students and communities across the country

University of Maryland Science Major Wins Prestigious 2021 Churchill Scholarship

Senior Pavan Ravindra becomes the fifth UMD student to receive the award since 2018

University of Maryland Extends Optional SAT/ACT Tests through 2023 Admission

Applicants for the spring and fall 2022 and 2023 semesters may opt out of standardized testing

University of Maryland Celebrates IonQ’s Plans for Remarkable Growth and Scalable Roadmap for Quantum Computing

The College Park-headquartered company, rooted in UMD research, announced plans to go public today

Leading Experts Call for Immediate Action to Address Inhalation Exposure to Prevent COVID-19 Infections and Deaths

UMD's Dr. Donald K. Milton and Professor of Environmental Health is amongst the list of scientific and medical expert signatories

Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance Expands Impact and Reach with Addition of 10 New Partners

Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance—a rapidly growing hub of quantum technology research, development, innovation and education organized and facilitated by the University of Maryland—has added 10 new members for a total of 24 university, government and industr

A New Vision for College Park

Updated UMD-City Plan to Guide Next Decade of Progress

University of Maryland Looks to the Future with Inauguration of President Darryll J. Pines

Virtual campus-wide celebration to feature innovative events and presidential installation

University of Maryland Announces Partnership with Jordan McNair Foundation

Partnership to raise awareness of student-athlete health issues

Maryland-led, Multi-institutional Research Team Receives $10M to Transform Shellfish Farming with Smart Technology

UMD Engineers lead new multidisciplinary effort to develop new technologies for shellfish aquaculture and a sustainable management framework to help shellfish farmers realize larger economic and environmental benefits. The project also has an import educa

University of Maryland Thanks Provost Mary Ann Rankin for Eight Years of Service

President Pines applauds Rankin for exemplary accomplishments as the university’s chief academic officer

University of Maryland Honors Campus Trailblazers with Naming of New Residence Halls

Part of its larger diversity and inclusion efforts, UMD marks first time in a century that residence halls will be named after individuals

Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council Funds Inclusive Postsecondary Education Program at the University of Maryland

UMD Center for Transition and Career Innovation (CTCI) gets $100,000 award from Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council to create “Terps-EXCEED”, an inclusive higher education program

University of Maryland Celebrates Winter 2020 Graduates in Virtual Ceremony

More than 3,400 Terps were feted and asked to turn tassels remotely in second virtual graduation

National Academy of Inventors Names University of Maryland Vice President for Research and a University Professor as 2020 Fellows

Two new inductees are latest of eight UMD faculty recognized by NAI for ‘prolific spirit of innovation’

$6.8M Gift to University of Maryland to Extend Opportunities to Local Students

Unlikely Family Connection Drew Donors to Support Incentive Awards Program

University of Maryland’s Student Government Association Allocates Nearly Half a Million Dollars for Student Services

Services include free mental health first aid training and replenishing funds for critical programs and initiatives

UMD Announces A "Grow-Your-Own" Teacher Pipeline

Dual enrollment program announced to increase the teaching workforce in the state by UMD, Prince George’s Community College and Prince George’s County Public Schools.

$4.96M for Maryland Researchers in DARPA AISS Semiconductor Security Project

Researchers in UMD's Institute for Systems Research (ISR) and and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), along with researchers in the Fraunhofer USA Center for Experimental Software Engineering and the DARPA Applied Research Laboratory

Princeton Review Ranks UMD in Top 10 for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

UMD ranks for the sixth consecutive year in The Princeton Review's annual survey of the Top Schools for Entrepreneurship

UMD-Led Study Shows Fear and Anxiety Share Same Bases in Brain

Findings of a UMD-led research team indicate that some long-accepted thinking about the basic neuroscience of anxiety is wrong.

New UMD-led Report on Improving Educational Equity and Engagement During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Report Based on the Lived Experiences of Black, Latino and Underserved Families Recommends Solutions for School Systems to Better Support Kids

University of Maryland, Underwriters Laboratories and the International Fire Safety Consortium Collaborate to Advance Global Fire Safety

UMD, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the International Fire Safety Consortium (IFSC) partner to advance fire safety and fire response around the world

UMD Biologist Gets $ 1.5 Million NIH Award to Develop Brain Mapping Techniques

“High-Risk, High-Reward Research Program” will fund project that could transform efforts to understand how neurons are wired

University of Maryland Grants Exclusive License of Seed-Based NutritionTechnology to Rain International LLC

Licensed technology is example of award-winning research in value-added development of nutraceuticals and functional foods from UMD'sCollege of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Bowie State University, University of Maryland Launch Social Justice Alliance in Honor of 1st Lt. Richard Collins III

Honoring the legacy of BSU alumnus 1st Lt. Richard W. Collins III, the new BSU-UMD Social Justice Alliance will create opportunities to deepen learning and engage in direct action on social justice issues.

UMD, BSU to Announce Social Justice Alliance in the name of 1st Lt. Richard Collins III

Joint initiative launched as the 2nd Lt. Richard Collins III law goes into effect

UMD Names Prabhudev Konana Dean of Robert H. Smith School of Business

Prabhudev Konana, Ph.D. will assume the role of Dean effective January 2, 2021

University of Maryland, Baltimore and University of Maryland, College Park Researchers Collaborate to Address COVID-19

Five joint UMB, UMCP research teams receive $500,000 in MPower Seed Grants

The University of Maryland Launches a Presidential Grand Challenges Course on Today’s Most Pressing Issues

UMD's new Grand Challenges course, taught by University President Darryll J. Pines and featuring presentations by other top experts, offers students the chance to address and build leadership together on some of today's most important and pressing issues

UMD's Scripps Howard Foundation Establishes Roy W. Howard Fellowship

$1.5 million was pledged to establish a fellowship program in honor of legendary journalist and news executive Roy W. Howard

Latest on COVID-19 and UMD

Updates and resources on the reopening of campus amid the COVID-19 pandemic

UMD Named Top 20 Public University by U.S. News & World Report

UMD rises to No. 19 among public universities and No. 58 overall in the 2021 rankings of U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges

University of Maryland Launches New Social Data Science Center with Support from Facebook

Initial Projects include Survey Tools to Track, Predict COVID-19 ‘Hot Spots’

Heaviest Black Hole Merger Is Among Three Recent Gravitational Wave Discoveries

University of Maryland physicists help identify merging black holes that may redefine size limits for collapsed stars

New Study Finds Globalization Is Reweaving the Web of Life

Introduced species are reshaping how plants and animals interact in ecosystems worldwide

UMD Wins Five-Year Grant from the Department of Education

The grant will provide additional counseling and academic services to low-income and first-generation college students.

UMD’s U.S. EDA Center to assist Maryland Small Businesses Affected by COVID-19

New $300,000 grant will boost recovery efforts, build roadmap for resiliency

UMD Researchers Discover a New Role for a Well-Known Molecule as a Plant Hormone, with Implications for Seed Production and Crop Yield

Findings could help rewrite textbooks, translating to practical applications for plant reproduction

UMD Researchers Identify Structure of Blue Whirls

Discovered in 2016, the phenomenon could provide a source of clean energy from hydrocarbon fuels and lead to improved oil spill remediation

University of Maryland Joins Common Application for 2020-2021

Additional application option increases access and equity for prospective students

New Study in Worms Shows Three Medications Currently on the Market May Have Unexpected Effects

University of Maryland researchers suggest worms can help detect potential drug safety issues

University of Maryland Solidifies Commitment to International Students

University System of Maryland and State of Maryland file lawsuit against ICE; UMD implementing additional measures to protect students’ residency status

Commission Reaffirms UMD’s Accreditation

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education has reaffirmed the University of Maryland’s accreditation, following a nearly yearlong review

University of Maryland Main Administration Building Named for Thomas V. "Mike" Miller, Jr.

Maryland Senate President Emeritus Honored for His Role in Transforming Higher Education in Maryland

University of Maryland Named No. 1 College in U.S. For LGBTQ+ Students

Campus Pride/BestColleges 2020 Lists Recognize Inclusivity, Academic Support, Affordability

University of Maryland Celebrates Virtual Commencement

Virtual ceremony marks first of a series of events to recognize Spring 2020 graduates

Memorial Chapel to Go Red and Blue to Celebrate University of Maryland and Prince George’s County Grads

The Office of Community Engagement will turn the Chapel red, blue from May 22 through May 31, 2020.

University of Maryland to Livestream Virtual Spring 2020 Commencement

The first-ever virtual commencement will livestream on May 22, 2020

New, Super-Fast Method for Ceramic Manufacturing Opens Door to AI-Driven Materials Discovery

A new study published on the cover of Science could bolster the development of batteries, fuel cells, 3D printing technologies and more

UMD Professor Christopher Jarzynski Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Distinguished Professor studies complex microscopic systems like living cells and artificial nanoscale machines using mathematics and statistics

30-year UMD Study Finds Predictive Links From Infant Temperament To Adult Personality

The study by the College of Education finds infant temperaments predict adult personalities, mental health issues and links to introversion and anxiety

DNA May Not Be Life’s Instruction Book—Just a Jumbled List of Ingredients

UMD researcher develops potentially revolutionary framework for heredity and evolution in which inheritable information is stored outside the genome

University of Maryland Strategic Partnership to Lead New USM COVID Research & Innovation Task Force

Task Force Will Partner USM Expertise with Business & Innovation Community to Assist State in Current Crisis

University of Maryland, College Park & University of Maryland, Baltimore Fund New Collaborative Research to Advance Medical Science

New research awards are the first in a joint UMB_UMD program to fund big research initiatives that draw on the fields of artificial intelligence and medicine

University of Maryland Announces Plans to Celebrate 2020 Spring Graduates

Three-part plan includes virtual commencement ceremony featuring remarks from Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer '63; complimentary tickets to fall football game; and invitation to December 2020 in-person ceremony

UMD Researchers Develop Platform To Track Social Distancing Compliance

Shelter-in-place compliance during COVID-19 remains low, according to UMD data analysis research

UMD Community Raises Over $162K for Student Crisis Fund

Alumni, faculty, staff and more come together to raise over $162K since launching a public campaign on March 25

Parenting Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

UMD clinical psychology professor Andrea Chronis-Tuscano offers tips for families navigating the COVID-19 pandemic

UMD Researchers Use Simulation Tool to Observe Molecular Behavior

New approach delivers “unprecedented levels of atomistic detail.”

UMD Graduate Programs Receive High Rankings by U.S. News & World Report

University of Maryland schools, colleges and programs were recognized in the U.S. News & World Report in its 2021 Best Graduate School rankings released yesterday. The following UMD programs and specialties ranked in the Top 10 in the nation...

Maryland Energy Innovation Institute leads U.S. half of new joint U.S.-Israel energy storage technology development consortium

Maryland Energy Innovation Institute leads U.S. half of new joint U.S.-Israel energy storage technology development consortium

New Public Safety Degree Addresses Changing Landscape of Law Enforcement

UMCP, Maryland Carey Law Program Designed to Meet Needs of Public Safety Professionals

UMD Raises Over $1.6M on Seventh Annual Giving Day

The University of Maryland raised over $1.6 million on its seventh annual Giving Day. Held on March 4, the 24-hour giving challenge raised money to support the university’s core missions, which include learning, teaching, research, the arts, student life,

When Frogs Die Off Snake Diversity Plummets

University of Maryland’s Karen Lips helps find a significant drop in snake diversity following amphibian declines from chytrid fungus

UMD Science Major Wins Prestigious Churchill Scholarship

Since 2018, four UMD STEM students have received the award, which provides funding to U.S. students for a year of Master’s study at the University of Cambridge

University of Maryland Recognized as a Recipient of the 2020 Excellence in Academic Libraries Award by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)

UMD named as one of three recipients for the award recognizing university libraries delivering exemplary services and resources to further their educational mission.

Universities, National Labs and Corporations Create New Alliance to Accelerate Maryland's Leadership in Quantum Science

The Maryland Quantum Alliance will strengthen the region’s lead in the quantum revolution.

University of Maryland and Prince George's County Public Schools Announce Partnership Focused on School Improvement

The Improvement Science Collaborative will focus on K-12 school improvement issues through a range of initiatives

UMD-led Study Named Most Impactful Paper Published in the Journal Science in 2019

American Association for the Advancement of Science awards Newcomb Cleveland prize to study of transgenic fungus designed to control malaria-carrying mosquito populations in West Africa.

Director of UMD Quantum Materials Center Receives $1.55 M Grant from the Moore Foundation

UMD award is part of a Moore Foundation interdisciplinary quantum research program funding work on materials synthesis, experiments, and theory

UMD Launches New International Fire Safety Consortium to Address Urgent Global Challenges

The university has joined forces with international research partners to launch a global research initiative that brings together worldwide knowledge and expertise to tackle the most critical fire safety challenges.

University of Maryland Named a Top Producer of Minority Graduates for 2019

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education named UMD a Top 100 Minority Degree Producer

The Hall CP Opens in the University of Maryland’s Discovery District

Part of the university’s Greater College Park initiative, UMD alumnus and developer Scott Plank soft opens his new arts and entertainment concept January 7 in the university’s innovation gateway and research park.

UMD Celebrates 2019 Winter Graduates, Bestows Honorary Degree

Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. '64 receives honorary doctorate of public service

Two UMD Scientists Named Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Ellen D. Williams, Distinguished University Professor of Physics and John R. Townshend, Research Professor/Emeritus Professor of Geographical Sciences named 2019 AAAS Fellows.

UMD Alumnus A.J. Pruitt Named as Mitchell Scholar

The US-Ireland Alliance recently named the 12 members of the George J. Mitchell Scholar Class of 2021. Among the winners is Baltimore native and University of Maryland alumnus Adler “A.J.” Pruitt, B.A. ’18, a double-degree major in economics and in govern

UMD International Programs Show Resilience and Progress, U.S. State Department ‘Open Doors’ Survey Reports

A rise in the number of UMD students studying abroad and steady international student attendance are reported during International Education Week.

New Artificial Intelligence System Automatically Evolves to Evade Internet Censorship

Researchers at the University of Maryland developed a new tool based on genetic evolution that automatically learned to evade censorship in China, India and Kazakhstan.

UMD Ranked in Top 10 for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education for Fifth Straight Year

Campuswide initiative earns UMD No. 7 ranking from The Princeton Review & Entrepreneur Magazine.

Study Reveals How Two Strains of One Bacterium Combine to Cause Flesh-Eating Infection

An international team including University of Maryland scientists revealed how genetic variations in a single species of bacteria can amplify infection.

‘Code Red,’ Howard Center’s Inaugural Project, Wins Top Professional Award For Innovative Storytelling

UMD’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism and NPR were named the 2019 recipients of the National Press Foundation’s Innovative Storytelling Award for the first project by the new Howard Center for Investigative Journalism, “Code Red: Baltimore’s Climate

Adulthood Milestones Are Shifting and Charitable Behaviors Are Declining

New Research Brief from Do Good Institute explores how 21st century life for young adults is effecting giving and volunteering.

UMD Celebrates Homecoming with Fireworks at Terp Carnival 2019

The annual celebration in honor of Homecoming caps off with fireworks over McKeldin Mall.

NIH Grants $3.4m to UMD to Study Effects of Foster Care

The grant allows long-term study of Romanian children who were institutionalized to follow them as adults.

Maryland Breaks Ground on New School of Public Policy Building

Campus Leaders Joined by State Officials to Celebrate Campus Hub for Serving the Public Good

The Honorable James R. Clapper to Address University of Maryland's 2019 Winter Graduates

The University of Maryland announces General James R. Clapper as the 2019 Winter Commencement speaker .

UMD and The Phillips Collection Present International Forum in Washington

A weekend of programming and outreach commemorating Veterans Day and the nation's veterans will kick-off on November 14.

NIH Awards UMD $1.67M for Research on Reducing Bias and Promoting Diverse Friendships in Childhood

UMD College of Education will conduct a 4-year study analyzing equity, fairness and mutual respect in peer relationships.

Surprising University of Maryland-Led Discovery Points to New Treatments for Blood Disorders and to New Lines of Medical and Biological Research

New finding is the latest of many discoveries led by UMD Professor Iqbal Hamza who is unraveling the mystery of heme, a toxic, yet life-essential molecule for most living things, including humans

UMD Researchers Discover New Mechanism in Liver that Helps Prevent Infections

Findings have implications for treatment of a variety of infections, including meningitis

UMD Prevention Research Center to Focus on LGBTQ Mental Health with new $3.75M from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

School of Public Health's Prevention Research Center will receive $3.75 million over five years from the CDC.

Rare “Lazarus Superconductivity” Observed in Promising, Rediscovered Material

In a uranium-based compound once dismissed as uninteresting, scientists watched superconductivity arise, disappear, then return under the influence of high magnetic fields

Student Voter Participation at University of Maryland Increased by 27 Percent in 2018

Student & faculty led voter engagement campaign proves successful, according to national study

Scientists Discover Interaction Between Good and Bad Fungi Drive Forest Biodiversity

UMD and Chinese Academy of Sciences researchers find that differences in soil fungi explain why individual trees thrive best when among only a few others of their species, a phenomenon that promotes forest diversity.

University of Maryland Welcomes Patricia “Patty” A. Perillo as Vice President for Student Affairs

With more than three decades of experience in higher education, Perillo will lead efforts to enhance the student experience across the university

Analysis of U.S. Labor Data Suggests 'Reskilling' Workers for a 'Feeling Economy'

Artificial Intelligence soon will take over the "Thinking Economy" pushing more humans into "people skills" jobs, researchers say

Coastal Birds Can Weather the Storm but Not the Sea

Study reveals that coastal bird populations are resilient to hurricanes

UMD Researchers to Investigate Effects of Fetal Exposure to Opioids

Work is part of a broad NIH HEAL Initiative to find scientific solutions to reversing the national opioid crisis

UMD Scientists Discover Hidden Differences May Help Cells Evade Drug Therapy

The discovery suggests “functional mosaicism” could explain some antibiotic resistance and cancer relapse

University of Maryland Ranked Amongst the Best Public Colleges in the Nation by The Wall Street Journal and U.S. News & World Report for 2020

The university lands again in the top 25 and additionally ranks high as a best college for veterans and ethnic diversity

Lockheed Martin Awards $3M to UMD's Clark School of Engineering

The gift will fund aerospace research while increasing opportunities for women and underrepresented minorities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields

Enzyme Known for Promoting Cancer Also Protects Healthy Cells

UMD researchers discovered that telomerase, which “immortalizes” cancer cells, also prevents tumors and slows a key stage in normal cell death

UMD-Led Astronomy Team Finds Golden Glow From a Distant Stellar Collision

Astronomers re-examined data from a 2016 gamma-ray burst and found a signature that perfectly matches a gold- and platinum-producing explosion observed by LIGO in 2017

University of Maryland Launches Quantum Technology Center

The new research center will catalyze the development of high-impact quantum technologies

UMD to Open New Space for Discovery and Collaboration in Crystal City in 2020

“Discovery Center” will foster innovation among students and faculty, local residents and employees, and alumni in the area

University of Maryland Appoints Dr. Yvette L. Rooks as Director of Sports Medicine and Lead Team Physician

New hire marks the culmination of UMD’s implementation of recommendations by two external reviews of its football program

UMD Partners with Three Universities, Professional Association to Combat Sexual Harassment in Political Science

UMD Government and Politics researcher partners with colleagues at Purdue University, University of Massachusetts Amherst and the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and with the American Political Science Association (APSA) on on project “#MeTooPoliSci.

Seeing How Computers ‘Think’ When Answering Questions Can Lead to More Intelligent Machines Say UMD Researchers

University of Maryland researchers created 1,213 questions in collaboration with computers to identify flaws in machine-learning language models

Mellon Foundation Awards $2.8M for Research, Digitization in Humanities

Grants to Expand Programs in Black Digital Humanities, Persian and Arabic Digitization

New International Study Identifies Causes of Multidecadal Climate Changes

UMD geologist contributes to analysis that suggests current climate models can accurately predict climate warming several decades into the future.

Scientists Identify New Genetic Interactions that May Impact Cancer Outcomes

UMD and NCI researchers find 2 distinct relationships between gene pairs in tumor cells that could potentially be targeted for cancer therapy.

Fewer Americans Are Volunteering and Giving Than Any Time in the Last Two Decades

UMD's Do Good Institute’s new report examines trends for all 50 States, 215 metro areas.

NICER View of Black Hole Gives New Insight into Source of Dramatic X-ray Flashes

Research led by UMD astrophysicist gives detailed picture of X-ray outburst from small black hole actively pulling in star material

New UMD 3D Nanoprinting Strategy Opens Pipeline to Revolution in Medicine, Robotics

UMD engineers advance “microfluidic circuits” by printing smallest-known 3D one-way fluid valve

UMD Physicist for Apollo Experiment Gets Chance to Send Next Gen Version to Moon

NASA Selects UMD-Led Proposal to Upgrade Lunar Instruments Placed by Apollo Missions

2019 University of Maryland-Phillips Collection Fellowships Awarded

The University of Maryland Center for Art and Knowledge at The Phillips Collection announces the 2019–20 Postdoctoral Fellows: Dr. Marlaina Martin in Visual Culture and Dr. Alison Boyd in Modern and Contemporary Art History

‘Oumuamua Interstellar Object Was Not an Alien Spacecraft

New analysis, co-led by UMD astronomer, suggests a natural origin for our first interstellar visitor

University of Maryland, City of College Park to Host Fourth of July Celebration

Free event begins at 5 p.m. and includes concert and firework show

Perfect Quantum Portal Emerges at Exotic Interface

A junction between an ordinary metal and a special kind of superconductor has provided the most robust platform yet for spotting quantum tunneling.

UMD Researcher Develops Digital Preschool Curriculum to Improve Early Childhood Learning

Developed by UMD researchers, former teachers, and graduate students, “Children Study Their World” is a collaboration with Maryland State Department of Education, Smithsonian

Glacial Sediments Greased the Gears of Plate Tectonics

New research highlights the connection between worldwide glaciations, sediments and plate tectonics

NOAA Awards $175 Million to UMD for Earth System Studies

New Cooperative Institute for Satellite Earth System Studies will expand UMD’s national leadership in this field

Transgenic Fungus Rapidly Killed Malaria Mosquitoes in West African Study

Technology developed at the University of Maryland could safely reduce malaria mosquito populations, including insecticide-resistant strains

Scientists Revisit the Cold Case of Cold Fusion

Four academic laboratories partner with Google to explore how materials science can help make fusion more accessible

Latest UMD Wood Technology Could Make Homes Cooler and More Energy Efficient

UMD-led, multi-university research team creates strong, sustainable solution for passive cooling

UMD Ranked No. 1 Among State of Maryland Universities for Recycling Rate

The University of Maryland is No. 1 in the state of Maryland and No. 2 in the Big Ten Conference for recycling rate in 2018

UMD ‘Hyperdimensional’ AI Might Lead to Major League Improvements in Robotic Abilities

Work by UMD computer scientists offers a way to radically enhance the ability of AI to translate sensory input into robotic movement.

The Moon Is Quaking as It Shrinks

The moon is still tectonically active, according to new findings by a multi-institutional team of researchers

For Some Fish, Deep and Dark May Still be Colorful

New research reveals signs of highly sensitive color vision in fish that live in the abyss beyond sunlight’s reach

Four Terp Students Named 2019 Goldwater Scholars

UMD Leads Nation With 33 Goldwater Scholarships in Past Decade

Reversible Chemistry Clears Path for Safer Batteries

UMD and ARL scientists latest advance in their water-based battery yields outstanding performance

Student Team Adds Fifth National Championship to UMD Dynasty in Soil Judging

Competition experience inspires team members and provides a camaraderie across disciplines

University of Maryland Garners Top Honors from Unique Venues

The University won Best Venue for Youth/Sports Groups for the third consecutive year

Courtney Clark Pastrick Named Honorary Co-Chair for Fearless Ideas: The Campaign for Maryland

Pastrick to join a robust campaign leadership group of philanthropists, educators, and business leaders

Urban Clean Air Policies in China Shift Pollution to Other Areas

UMD and Chinese Researchers Discover Unintended Spillover Effects of Regional Air Pollution Policies

UMD Researchers Kill Foodborne Bacteria with Electrified Air

UMD plasma-based technology could provide simple process for destroying bacteria on the surface of fruits and vegetables

Pioneering Breakthrough: Unmanned Aircraft Delivers Organ for Successful Kidney Transplant in Maryland

Groundbreaking Effort by Maryland Faculty and Researchers Could Help Expand Donor Access to Transplantation

UMD Team Again Wins National Affordable Housing Design Competition

Terp teams have finished first twice, second once in three entries in this prestigious HUD graduate student design competition

UMD Announces Landmark Grants for Sustainability Fund Projects

The University Sustainability Fund provides the UMD community grants to boost sustainability

University of Maryland Graduation Rate Among Top Ten for Public Institutions in the Nation

UMD is recognized as one of the ten U.S. public colleges & universities with the best six-year graduation rates

Two University of Maryland Faculty Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Michele J. Gelfand and Frances E. Lee will be inducted at a ceremony in October

UMD Engineers Create Fresh Route to Fresh Water

Clark School researchers have created a successful prototype of a critical component for affordable small-scale desalination technology

Two University of Maryland Scholars Named 2019 Guggenheim Fellows

Computer scientist Mohammad Hajiaghayi and author and English faculty Gerard Passannante awarded fellowships on the basis of prior achievement and exceptional promise.

University of Maryland Launches Center for Machine Learning

An inaugural partner in the center is financial and technology leader Capital One

Top Decision Makers, Experts Join UMD Researchers to Broaden the Cybersecurity Conversation

First-of-kind cybersecurity summit explores “holistic” threat response

Professor Gives UMD $750K to Support Campus Makerspaces in New Brendan Iribe Center and Across Campus

Gift supports makerspace in the new Brendan Iribe Center for Computer Science and Engineering and efforts to coordinate use of other makerspaces around campus.

Long-lived Bats Appear to Hold Secrets of Mammal Longevity

UMD biologists find four bat lineages that live at least four times longer than similar-sized mammals

Executive Cybersecurity Summit Brings Together Leading Gov., Biz & Academic Experts to Discuss “Holistic” Cyber Threat Response

Top cybersecurity experts, including current and former NSA and National Security Council leaders, business leaders and UMD researchers, will discuss hot-button topics

UMD Launches Iribe Initiative for Inclusion and Diversity in Computing

With a new $1 million gift from Brendan Iribe, the Initiative will build on current programming by the Maryland Center for Women in Computing and emphasize inclusion for students of all genders and backgrounds.

Fungal Disease Threatens Hundreds of Amphibian Species Worldwide

Global-scale analysis of amphibian "die-off" paints a grim picture: declines in 500 species, 90 of which are now extinct

University of Maryland Appoints Georgina Dodge to Lead Diversity and Inclusion

With decades of work in advocacy and building inclusive communities, Dodge joins UMD in the newly elevated Vice President position.

University of Maryland Listed Among Peace Corps’ Top 10 Volunteer-Producing Schools

UMD ranks No. 10 among large schools on the Peace Corps' 2019 Top Volunteer-Producing Colleges and Universities list

UMD Scientists Create Method for Remote Detection of Radioactive Material

New UMD method, if scaled up with additional advancements, could be used to improve security at ports of entry

Researchers Make Urgent Call for Study of Noise Pollution on Fish

A survey of research on aquatic noise pollution reveals huge gap in knowledge about impacts of human-generated noise in aquatic environments

New Experiment Aces Quantum Scrambling Test

Work could have applications to quantum computing and the science of black holes

UMD Graduate Programs Secure High Rankings by U.S. News and World Report

Four UMD graduate programs/specialities rank in the top 5 and ten in top 10 in the U.S. News and World Report’s 2020 Best Graduate School rankings

New UMD Microscopy Method Could Improve LASIK Surgery

University of Maryland bioengineers pave the way for direct determination of visual acuity with new technique for precise measurement of light’s refraction in the eyes

Scientists Find Worms that ‘Recently’ Evolved Ability to Regrow Heads

New study reveals regeneration of amputated body parts is not always an ancient trait

UMD Team Again Reaches “Final Four” in HUD Affordable Housing Competition

Terp teams finished first last year and second in 2016: their two previous entries in this prestigious graduate student design competition

The Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg to Deliver Address at University of Maryland’s 2019 Spring Commencement

Entrepreneur, philanthropist and former Mayor of New York City will speak at campus-wide ceremony

University of Maryland Project Receives $2.2M Award to Support Learning for Deafblind Children

Federal and state grants support UMD College of Education work to improve learning and outcomes for deafblind children in in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

UMD researchers awarded $5.3M NIH BRAIN Initiative grant

Funding supports multi-university, multi-disciplinary efforts to better link human behaviour with neural activity

UMD-Led Research Finds New, Targeted Treatment Approach for an Aggressive Breast Cancer

Research team explores nanotechnology-based therapeutic strategy for triple-negative breast cancer.

Dean of UMD's Clark School of Engineering Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Darryll Pines, dean of UMD's A. James Clark School of Engineering, is elected to the NAE for “inspirational leadership and contributions to engineering education excellence in the United States.”

Scientists Develop First Fabric to Automatically Cool or Insulate Depending on Conditions

University of Maryland researchers have created a fabric that dynamically regulates heat passing through it.

Revising the History of Big, Climate-Altering Volcanic Eruptions

New method, co-developed at UMD, refines the 2600-year history of large eruptions that eject planet-cooling particles into the stratosphere

UMD-Led Study Reveals Upsides & Downsides to the “Loosening” of America

Research looks at positive and negative impacts of 200 years of relaxing cultural norms

Machine Learning Finds Multiple Factors Underlie Cancer Immunotherapy Success

UMD computer scientist leads work to better ID which cancer patients will benefit from immunothehorapy

UMD-Led Study Gives Major New Insight on Honey Bee Parasite

New research upends long-standing assumption about feeding habits of varroa mites, a primary threat to honey bees worldwide

UMD Gets First-Ever ‘New Innovator in Food and Agriculture Research Award’

With “New Innovator” award, UMD researcher’s recent crop editing grants total more than $1 million

National Quantum Initiative Becomes Law

National act with UMD fingerprints provides more than $1.2 billion in funding for U.S. quantum technology R&D

UMD Research Reveals Massive Cropland Expansion in Brazil

Brazil’s intensive row crop area nearly doubled since 2000, researchers find.

Unpredictable Food Sources Drive Some Bats to Hunt Cooperatively

Using miniature sensors on bats, researchers tracked the animals’ locations and calls to see if they searched for food alone or together

UMD Critical Issues Poll Shows Growing U.S. Public Support of One-State Solution for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

A new UMD Critical Issues Poll on solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict finds Americans are evenly divided between one-state vs. two-state solutions, but view Israel’s democracy as more important than its Jewishness.

More Women Opting to Give Birth Outside of a Hospital, UMD Research Finds

Data shows rate of births at home and in birth centers reaches highest level in 30 years.

Research Citations Show Academic and Non-Academic Researchers Win When They Collaborate

New analysis makes case for 'Twin Win' research to create breakthrough research & solutions to real human problems

WeWork University of Maryland Is Now Open

WeWork’s first location in Maryland and first on a college campus.

Strong Growth in Carbon Emissions Expected for 2018

UMD Geographical Sciences researchers team up with international group to issue global report.

Saltier Waterways Create Dangerous “Chemical Cocktails”

UMD-led research shows dangers of excess salt in waterways, need for management and regulation

New Machine Learning Method Predicts Possible Additions to Global List of Threatened Plant Species

UMD scientist co-led the creation of a computer model to assess risk probabilities for 150,000 plant species worldwide

Capital One Tech Incubator Opens in Diamondback Garage

“Innovation Lab” for computing to strengthen pipeline between students, industry

UMD Report Finds Stark Challenges for Latino Youths in Montgomery County

Report calls for more support of students’ academic, social-emotional health

UMD Report Examines Schools with High Suspension Rates in Maryland

Students with disabilities, African-Americans suspended at disproportionately high rates, research finds

University of Maryland Breaks Ground on E.A. Fernandez IDEA Factory

New building will inspire innovation and entrepreneurship, enable world-class research, and spur economic development.

UMD Research Finds Congo Basin Native Forests Vanishing at Alarming Rate

Primary forests in the region could disappear by 2100, geographical scientists say.

​UMD Releases First of Seven New Apples Bred for Maryland Growers

New UMD patented apple varieties could improve yields, growing efficiency, and profitability for farmers in Mid-Atlantic and Appalachian regions

President and CEO of The Education Trust John B. King Jr. to Address University of Maryland’s 2018 Winter Graduates

Former U.S. Secretary of Education has had a lifelong dedication to education as a teacher, principal, and leader of schools and school systems.

Nature + Art + Climate + Change: International Forum in Washington

The Phillips Collection and University of Maryland present Hannes Koch and Florian Ortkrass, and Henry Elkus in conversation.

University of Maryland Releases Fall 2018 Enrollment Data

Measures Announced to Reverse Trend of Declining African-American Freshmen Enrollment

Hornbake Library Explores American Dream in Occupied Japan

Interactions between Japanese and Americans in war-torn Tokyo provide the compelling focus of an exhibit opening October 19 in Hornbake Library.

Mountaintop Observatory Sees Gamma Rays from Exotic Milky Way Object

Space jets accelerate particles and send a high-energy signal to Earth.

Tropical Frogs Found to Coexist with Deadly Fungus

UMD-led research team observes frog populations persisting in Panamanian forest, a decade after decimation by chytrid fungus.

UMD to Lead Milestone NSF High School Engineering Pilot Course

National course intended as precursor to widely-accepted transferable college-level credit.

Helping Students Play to Their Strengths

UMD psychology researchers aim to help students at school and at home.

UMD Researchers Awarded $1 Million Grant from NSF to Develop New Methods to Generate Single Photons for Quantum Research

Project could enable new advanced quantum research and technology and could yield new ways to connect electronic circuits and photonic devices.

UMD Researcher Gets $1.1 Million NSF Grant to Perfect Gene Editing & Regulation Tools in Plants

Scientist’s work advances plant genomics research and better crop production worldwide

Gone for Good? Classifying Drivers of Global Forest Loss

Geographical Sciences research attributes 27% of global forest loss to permanent land use change for commodity production.

Maryland Alumnus Gives $1M to Support Innovative Business Teaching

Gift to expand Maryland Smith’s Office of Transformational Learning.

University of Maryland, Governor Hogan Announce Grant to Support the Development of a New Maryland Crime Research and Innovation Center

UMD awarded grant from Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention aimed at reducing violent crime, and improving lives of Maryland citizens.

UMD Astronomer Co-authors National Report Calling for Space Telescope to ID and Study Earth-like Planets

UMD astronomer co-authored report that outlines a long-term strategy to study distant planets that might harbor life.

UMD Named One of America’s Best Colleges for Student Voting

Washington Monthly releases first-of-its-kind list of schools turning students into voting citizens.

UMD-Led Quantum Light Research Enables Sources of Nearly Identical Photons

Such light sources will likely be important for future quantum information devices.

Large-Scale Wind and Solar Farms in the Sahara Would Increase Rain and Vegetation

UMD-led study published in Science shows solar and wind farms in the Sahara could double rainfall in Earth’s largest hot desert

University of Maryland Announces ‘Year of Immigration’

Themed year will explore urgent issues related to immigration, global migration and refugees.

University of Maryland Ranked Among the Top 15 Public Colleges in the Nation

Maryland’s overall ranking puts the university in the top 10 percent of institutions ranked nationally.

$1 Million from the State of Maryland Will Match Brin Family Donation for Two Endowed Professorships in Computer Science at UMD

New funding grows state-matched faculty positions in computer science to six endowed professorships and two endowed chairs.

Responding to Cholera Before It Strikes

New international aid project builds on UMD scientist Rita Colwell’s foundational discoveries and ongoing work.

University of Maryland Named a Top Producer of Minority Graduates

UMD continues to be listed among best in the nation for minority students to earn degrees.

University of Maryland Recognized as a Best College in the Nation, No. 1 in Maryland

The University of Maryland been named one of America’s best colleges by Money magazine

UMD Scientist Helps Harvest Wheat’s Giant Genetic Code

Collaborative genetic findings pave the way for better wheat yields, with crops adapted to disease, heat, and drought

UMD-Led Team Receives $7.7 Million NIH Grant for First-of-its-Kind Tick-Borne Disease Research

Multi-Institutional research program to examine tick immune responses to pathogens that cause Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses

Advance Could Yield Safer, Longer-Range Electric Car Batteries

Chemical engineers from UMD pack more energy in same space for reliable battery.

Detection of Single ‘Ghost Particle’ Yields Solution of Decade-Old Cosmic Ray Mystery

UMD-developed alert system allowed telescopes around the world to zero in on a supermassive black hole as a cosmic particle factory.

Semiconductor Quantum Transistor Opens Door for Photon-Based Computing

Research is latest UMD-led advance in an accelerating quantum science & tech revolution

To Nap or Not? UMD Researcher Studies Impact of Sleep on Memory in Pre-Schoolers

NIH & NSF award $1 million to psychology researchers for comprehensive study on how sleep affects memory-related brain circuitry during the preschool years

University of Maryland Recognized as Top University for International Students

New U.S. News and World Report list highlights schools who support international students through graduation.

UMD to Host Press Conference with President and New Athletic Director

The University of Maryland will host a press conference Tuesday morning with University of Maryland President Wallace D. Loh and its newly named Director of Athletics Damon Evans.

University of Maryland Names Damon Evans Athletic Director

Evans has played a key role in operations, fundraising and Terrapin student-athlete success since 2014

UMD Researchers Awarded $1.5 Million NSF Grant to Bridge Gap between Microelectronics, Biological Systems

First-of-a-kind bioelectronics devices could revolutionize technologies for human health, AI, energy, cyber defense and more.

UMD Joins Greater Washington Partnership’s Capital CoLAB

Collaboration will develop the capital region’s talent pool and strengthen technology leadership.

People Recall Information Better Through Virtual Reality, Says New UMD Study

VR technology shows promise for changing the landscape of industries such as medicine, education and workforce training.

Message From UMD Executive Athletic Director Damon Evans on Jordan McNair — June 13, 2018

University of Maryland Executive Athletic Director Damon Evans shared a letter today with the Maryland community regarding the passing of student-athlete Jordan McNair.

UMD Critical Issues Poll Reveals U.S., Japanese Attitudes toward North Korea Summit

Two New, Coordinated Polls fielded in the U.S. and Japan Seek to Find Answers

New Findings Demonstrate How the Food We Eat Affects Biochemical Signals in the Gut

Research collaboration sheds light on bacteria response to sugar metabolism.

Notice to community of aerial filming — Tuesday, June 5, 2018

On Tuesday, June 5, 2018, from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m a low-flying helicopter may be visible over campus. The helicopter will be taking aerial photography of the university.

The University of Maryland Becomes Overseas Training Base for Anhui Educators

Plaque unveiling ceremony held on May 31.

UMD Study Validates Face Recognition Experts, But Shows Humans Perform Best with an AI Partner

Multidisciplinary study provides scientific underpinnings for accuracy of forensic facial identification and shows benefits of human and computer collaboration.

UMD-led Study Shows How Solar Wind Drops from Gale to Gentle Breeze as It Hits Earth’s Magnetic Field

NASA satellite data reveals electron-scale energy conversion at the leading edge of Earth’s magnetic field shields our planet from cataclysm.

UMD Receives Top Recognition in Latest Global Rankings

The university has been ranked one of the top 100 universities in the world in two new rankings.

UMD Study Examines Association of Abortion and Antidepressants

Study finds that having an abortion does not lead to depression.

UMD Research Shows Physiological Effects of Mate Separation in Birds

Male and female zebra finches react to separation from their mates in remarkably different ways.

Satellite Study Finds Major Shifts in Global Freshwater

First-of-its-kind study combines NASA satellite observations of Earth with data on human activities to map where—and why—freshwater is changing around the globe.

UMD Research Shows Hearing Aids Improve Brain Function and Memory in Older Adults

Researchers hope findings lead to increased use of and improved fit for hearing aids.

Agree to Disagree: Why Teams Perform Better with Divergent Perspectives

UMD study explores disagreement translating to success in complex projects or crisis situations.

University of Maryland Launches $1.5 Billion Campaign

Fearless Ideas: The Campaign for Maryland will support the university’s future with investments in students and scholarships, faculty, capital projects and innovative programs.

UMD Study Uncovers Germ Cell Findings with Implications for Disease Research

Research opens the door for future stem cell research in chicken models.

UMD, NASA to Launch GEDI to Study Forest Changes on Earth

A first-of-its-kind laser instrument designed to map the world's forests in 3-D is moving toward an earlier launch to the International Space Station than previously expected.

A New Model for Communication in Plant Cells

UMD-led study details how plant cells use animal-like nerve proteins to build single-cell communication networks.

UMD-Led Research Team Awarded New $2.37M DOE Solar Power Tech Project

New project is part of DOE-supported research with a goal of cutting the cost of solar energy power electronics in half by 2030.

Terp Thon and Symbiont Health Announced as 2018 Do Good Challenge Winners

UMD’s annual competition awarded more than $20,000 in prize money.

UMD Renews Commitment to Comprehensive Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

UMD will implement recommendations from Joint President Senate Task Force on Inclusion and Respect

UMD Emerges as State Leader in 2018 RecycleMania Competition

Recyclemania is an annual 8-week competition which challenges colleges and universities across the United States and Canada to collect the most recyclable materials.

UMD Partners with Korea Electronics Technology Institute to Advance New Energy Technologies

Five-year partnership will help accelerate research and innovation of energy technologies.

UMD Leads Study on Improving HPV Vaccination Rates Among African-American Adolescents

A $2.2 million grant will support research on improving cancer prevention through socially and culturally specific communication strategies.

University of Maryland Recognized as Best Value College in the State

UMD earns third Best Value College ranking of 2018.

UMD Awards Funds to Support Campus Sustainability Projects

UMD's sustainability fund provides grants to students, faculty, and staff for the implementation of projects that will improve sustainability on campus or in the local community.

20th Annual Maryland Day: A One-Day Celebration of Learning and Discovery

Hundreds of free, family-friendly exhibitions, demonstrations and performances will take place on Saturday, April 28 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Finalists Announced in 2018 Do Good Challenge

Six teams will compete for a chance to win a share of more than $20,000.

UMD Student Team Wins HUD Affordable Housing Competition

Team’s holistic and creative approach to affordable housing captures the $20,000 prize.

UMD Announces Inventions of the Year Winners, and Celebrates Ventures and Partnerships

UMD honors exceptional inventions that have the potential to make an important impact on science, society, and the free market.

Gossett Family Makes Historic $21.25 Million Gift to the University of Maryland

The Barry and Mary Gossett Center for Academic and Personal Excellence will provide student-athletes with the foundation needed to be successful global citizens.

Two UMD Faculty Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

David C. Driskell and Elaine S. Oran will be inducted at a ceremony in October.

UMD Researchers Revive Old Chemistry to Create Safer Zinc Battery

Researchers create a higher-energy, safer and longer-lasting zinc battery.

New UMD Report Shows Planning for Future Uncertainties Is Key to a Thriving Region

The five-year project, Prospects for Regional Sustainability Tomorrow (PRESTO), reveals how regional responses to large-scale, uncertain phenomena could impact economic, social and environmental health in the region.

Reverend Jesse Jackson and Peter Neufeld to Headline Social Justice Celebration at University of Maryland

The University of Maryland will host its 2nd annual Social Justice Day with special guests and events.

University of Maryland Launches Smart and Connected Communities Initiative for Baltimore Avenue

Pairing UMD research and community needs will make Baltimore Avenue a “living research corridor.”

University of Maryland Expands Office of Diversity & Inclusion Staff

New Director of Diversity Training and Education and the Program Manager for Hate/Bias Response will begin this month.

UMD Researcher Uncovers Lyme Disease Protein Used to Outsmart the Human Immune System

Research has major implications for the treatment of tick-borne diseases, such as Lyme disease, which is an increasingly chronic and consistently prevalent public health issue.

University of Maryland Named a Tree Campus USA for 10th Consecutive Year

Arbor Day Foundation Honors University of Maryland with 2017 Tree Campus USA® Recognition

Four UMD Students Named 2018 Goldwater Scholars

Scholarship covers tuition, fees, books, and room and board up to $7,500 per year.

UMD Designated as a 2018 Leader in LGBT Healthcare Equality by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation

University of Maryland earns top score of 100 for second year in a row.

State, University Officials Celebrate Launch of Newly Formed, Cross-Discipline Transportation Institute

The Maryland Transportation Institute (MTI) will coordinate more than $20 million in annual research expenditures to spur innovation in the transportation sector.

Al Gore to Speak at University of Maryland’s 2018 Spring Commencement

Former Vice President will address graduates, receive honorary degree

WeWork to Open First Maryland Location on University of Maryland Campus

Located in the university’s Discovery District, WeWork University of Maryland will offer coworking and office space in a first-of-its-kind higher education partnership.

The Sahara Desert Is Expanding, According to New UMD Study

Study finds that the world’s largest desert grew by 10 percent since 1920, due in part to climate change.

Multi-Institutional Team of Scientists Mix the Unmixable to Create ‘Shocking’ Nanoparticles

A team of researchers from the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD), the University of Illinois at Chicago, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Johns Hopkins University is the first to create nanoscale particles composed of up to eigh

UMD Research Aims to Improve Tests of Speech Comprehension with EEG Brain Wave Measurements

Tests developed at the University of Maryland and KU Leuven could result in better diagnoses for patients who have difficulty understanding what they hear.

UMD Graduate Programs Receive High Marks in 2019 U.S. News and World Report Rankings

39 schools, colleges, and programs featured in 2019 ranking.

University of Maryland Achieves Record Number of Donors on Annual Giving Day

The university community exceeded goals in dollars raised and total gifts during the fifth annual 24-hour giving challenge.

UMD’s Division of Information Technology Moving to Growing Discovery District

The new state-of-the-art space, which includes 60,000 square feet, will help consolidate the majority of IT's operations.

New Technology for Use in Military Vehicles May Protect Warfighters from Blast-induced Brain Injury

Elastic frame design reduces blast acceleration up to 80 percent; technology could be adapted for vehicle bumpers, athletic helmets.

University of Maryland to Celebrate 24-Hour Giving Challenge, March 7

Join us for the University of Maryland’s fifth annual Giving Day on Wednesday, March 7, 2018.

New UMD Study Traces the Origins of a Major Potato Pest

Research has implications for effective management strategies against a Beetle that decimates potato crops.

UMD Earns Top 20 Ranking as Peace Corps Volunteer Producer

The University of Maryland has been named a top Peace Corps volunteer-producing university for the seventh consecutive year.

Durable Wood Carbon Sponge Could Be the Future of Wearable Sensors, Pollutant Treatment

Wood carbon sponge overcomes several limiting factors of other lightweight, compressible carbon sponges.

University of Maryland Announces Energy Savings Project at IBBR Shady Grove Facility

The new energy savings project is designed to improve the material condition of IBBR’s mechanical systems while reducing the energy and water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of the facility.

University of Maryland Named a Fulbright Program Top Producing Institution

UMD has been listed as a top institution producing Fulbright U.S. Students and Scholars.

UMD Study Finds Social Tags Highly Accurate, Reliable Among Consumer Perception Metrics

Research presents a new approach for harvesting rich, qualitative information on brands from user-generated social tags.

UMD Creates Online Tour Commemorating African-American History and Contributions to Campus

To raise awareness of our shared history, the virtual tour explores how African-Americans have shaped our campus from Maryland’s roots as a slave-holding state to the campus’ desegregation to today’s campus landmarks.

UMD Awarded $1.4 Million to Design New Treatment for PCBs, Heavy Metals in Stormwater

Created for Department of Defense sites, the design could potentially be used by communities and industry.

UMD Receives Grant to Develop Cultural Literacy Curriculum

Web-based materials in English, Arabic, Chinese and Russian will prepare students to be global professionals.

UMD Researchers Find Gene that May Greatly Increase Strawberry Production

Strawberries make up a $3 billion agricultural industry in the United States alone.

Two UMD Science Majors Win Prestigious Churchill Scholarships

Christopher Bambic and Yousuf Khan will spend next year completing master’s degrees at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

UMD Researchers Create Super Wood Stronger Than Most Metals

A new process could make wood as strong as titanium alloys but lighter and cheaper.

UMD Researchers Develop Breakthrough Technique to Combat Cancer Drug Resistance

Clark School Bioengineering professor leads collaborative effort to “turn off” multidrug resistance capabilities in cancer cells

UMD VP of Student Affairs to Receive National Award from NASPA

Linda Clement honored for outstanding performance as a student affairs officer.

UMD to Honor Frederick Douglass’ 200th Birthday with Year-Long Initiative

Douglass 200 will launch on February 5 with a lecture presented by David W. Blight.

UMD Announces Partnership with The Haven at College

Collaboration will bring a recovery house and outpatient center to UMD.

UMD Welcomes Global Cybersecurity Firm BlueVoyant to Discovery District

Company’s new Global Cyber Analytics Center will be located in StartupUMD@Diamondback Garage.

University of Maryland Secures $18.3 Million for Energy Conservation Projects

Energy and water conservation upgrades projected to create $1.7 million in annual energy savings.

UMD Research Examines How Human Modifications Affect Mammal Movement Globally

New global study of 57 mammal species finds human modifications to natural landscapes prevent normal movement.

UMD to Host Thought Leaders Summit on Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education

hree-day summit will convene group of nationally recoginzed scholars and practitioners on diversity and inclusion in higher education.

Why do People Cheat? UMD Research Identifies 8 Motivating Factors

Researchers seek answers from people who admit to infidelity.

Unsustained Geoengineering Could Have Animals ‘Running’ for Their Lives

Scientist from SESYNC at UMD examine how a collapsed solar shield could impact the world’s biodiversity.

UMD Researcher Develops Innovative Water Treatment System to Clean and Sustain the Port of Baltimore

Project improves water and air quality, reduces pollution, and creates renewable energy.

Spinning Comet Slows Down During Close Approach to Earth

UMD astronomers observe the most drastic slowing of a comet's spin.

Flu May Be Spread Just by Breathing, New UMD-Led Study Shows

Coughing and sneezing not required for transmission.

Unity Mural Created by UMD and BSU on Display at Maryland State House

State House is one of many temporary locations across Prince George's County that will display the artwork until it finds a permanent home at each institution.

University of Maryland Named a 2018 Best Value College

The Princeton Review and Kiplinger's Personal Finance name UMD as a 2018 Best Value College in seperate rankings.

NAE President C.D. Mote, Jr., a Regents Professor and Past-President of UMD, Is Named a Fellow in the National Academy of Inventors

The National Academy of Inventors recognizes “academic inventors who have demonstrated a prolific spirit of innovation in creating or facilitating outstanding inventions that have made a tangible impact on quality of life...."

University of Maryland Receives $5M National Science Foundation Grant to Support Next Generation of Cyber Leaders

Funding will provide scholarships for students in UMD’s Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students program

North American Waterways Are Becoming Saltier and More Alkaline

New UMD-led research highlights the need for better regulation of road salt, fertilizers and other salty compounds.

As U.S. Maternal Deaths Rise, UMD Research Underscores Impact of Flawed Data

Researchers urge for improved data collection to reduce maternal mortality.

Curbing Climate Change

UMD study finds strong rationale for the human factor in reducing and predicting climate change.

University of Maryland Announces Appointment of New Director for the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute

Michael E. Cox, Jr., named new Director of the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute

UMD Celebrates 2017 Winter Graduates, Bestows Honorary Degrees

U.S. Representative Elijah E. Cummings received honorary Doctor of Public Service, parents of 2nd Lt. Richard W. Collins III received posthumous Bachelor of Humane Letters on his behalf.

UMD Awarded $2.5M Grant from U.S. Department of State to Support Women Leaders in the Middle East, North Africa

Two-year grant will support “Women as Partners in Progress,” a new initiative that will promote women's leadership and gender-inclusive policies in the Middle East and North Africa.

University of Maryland Venues Earn National Recognition

Unique Venues awards UMD in two categories for the second consecutive year.

UMD's IBBR Awarded NIH Grant to Investigate Body's T-cell Mechanism of Attack

$3.7 million grant from the National Institutes of Health will help researchers develop innovative therapeutics to fight viruses and tumors.

University of Maryland to Host Winter 2017 Commencement

Congressman Elijah E. Cummings to address winter 2017 graduates at evening commencement ceremony.

UMD’s Discovery District to Host 2018 Association of University Research Parks International Conference

UMD’s Discovery District is an epicenter of academic, research and economic development.

UMD President Joins Big Ten Colleagues in Support of DACA

Big Ten presidents issue letter calling for action around DACA.

University of Maryland, Capital One Partner to Drive Innovation, Fueling Talent Pipeline in Data and Machine Learning

$3 million from Capital One, $2.1 million from Maryland Department of Commerce, and creation of innovation lab announced today.

UMD and NASA Join Forces to Improve Global Food Security through Satellite Data

$3 million from Capital One, $2.1 million from Maryland Department of Commerce, and creation of innovation lab announced today.

UMD Professor Receives $1M from USDA NIFA to Increase Poultry Yield and Advance Animal Well-Being

UMD professor receives $1M from USDA NIFA to advance animal well-being and increase poultry yield.

UMD-Developed Microsystems Detect, Treat Bacterial Biofilms that Cause Postoperative Infections

New 'Flexible impedance sensor' can fit inside urinary catheters to monitor and treat biofilms.

Quantum Computing Moves Forward with Record Setting UMD-NIST 53 Qubit Quantum Simulator

UMD-NIST quantum simulator is on the cusp of exploring physics that is unreachable by even the fastest modern supercomputers.

UMD Joins Regional Leaders, Coalition of Stakeholders to Launch Pathways to Opportunity along Maryland’s Purple Line

Largest gathering of regional collaborators commit to revitalize and preserve communities, support local businesses and connect workers to jobs along corridor.

Five UMD Alumni Make Forbes 2018 "30 Under 30" List

Five University of Maryland alumni were names in Forbes' 2018 "30 Under 30" lists.

UMD​ ​Announces​ ​Streamlined​ ​Protocol​ ​for​ ​Hate-Bias​ ​Incident Response

New procedures include hiring a designated Hate-Bias Response Coordinator and increased communication between offices.

University of Maryland Named a Top College for LGBTQ Students

UMD is listed as a top ten best school for LGBTQ students in a new ranking out by Campus Pride and Best Colleges.

France Recognizes Contributions of UMD’s Colwell with Appointment to the Legion of Honor

Colwell's career bridges many areas, including microbiology, ecology, infectious disease, public health and computer and satellite technology.

UMD-led Collaboration Sheds Light on Origin of Excess Anti-matter

High-altitude observatory suggests dark matter as possible culprit.

University of Maryland Statement on Tax Bill — November 20, 2017

University of Maryland and University System of Maryland express concerns on tax bill attacking higher education.

UMD Ranked in Top 10 for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education for Third Straight Year

Campus-wide initiative earns UMD No. 8 ranking from Princeton Review & Entrepreneur Magazine.

UMD Astronomers Partner on Powerful New Automated Sky Survey

UMD scientists will use powerful new telescope camera for research and education.

UMD-led Study Indicates India Is Replacing China as World’s Top Source of Sulfur Dioxide Air Pollution

India’s sulfur dioxide emissions grew over past decade, while China’s declined significantly, study shows.

University of Maryland Receives Top Prize at APLU Innovation & Economic Prosperity University Awards

UMD is the first two-time winner of the top prize, and first institution to garner both a category award and the top prize in the same year.

University of Maryland Start-Up Company Grip Boost Inc. Goes Global

Grip Boost’s patent-pending technology was originally invented by the Complex Fluids and Nanomaterials Group in UMD’s A. James Clark School of Engineering.

University of Maryland Dedicates A. James Clark Hall, Transforming Region’s Biotech Corridor

Newest engineering facility provides state-of-the-art bioengineering facilities to spur innovation in one of the university’s fastest-growing undergraduate degree programs.

University of Maryland Spinout Developing Pediatric Cancer Drug Delivery System to Prevent Hearing Loss from Chemotherapy

Otomagnetics awarded $2.3 million fast track NIH/NCI SBIR contract.

University of Maryland to Offer Application Fee Waiver to U.S. Veterans and Service Members

Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success initiative will begin in August 2018 for students applying for the 2019-2020 academic year.

UMD Continues Sustainability Progress Towards Carbon Neutrality

Highlights include Climate Action Plan 2.0, installation of solar panels, expansion of compost collection sites, and more.

Terps Celebrate and Honor Veterans, this Week and all Year

UMD to hold Veteran's Day service on November 10

UMD School of Music Launches Competition to Write Lyrics to State Song

University-wide competition seeks lyrics that demonstrate State pride and are consistent with the institution's values.

Eradicating Extreme Poverty and Slowing Climate Change Are Compatible Goals, UMD Research Shows

Lifting poor to modest income level people will make it harder to achieve mitigation targets.

UMD Awards Sustainable Maryland Certified Status to 13 Municipalities

Sustainable Maryland program provides support and guidance to municipalities looking for cost-effective and strategic ways to protect their natural assets and revitalize their communities.

University of Maryland Announces Homecoming Week 2018: Oct. 7-14

Save the date for UMD Homecoming 2018.

UMD Doctoral Student’s Brief Video on his Revolutionary Finding about Bee Health Wins International Competition

Ramsey's discovery will enable researchers to develop more targeted control techniques that could help restore honey bee populations worldwide.

University of Maryland Celebrates Opening of A. James Clark Hall

Tour state-of-the-art bioengineering facilities that will spark innovations in human health

UMD & Duke Scientists Create Molecule with Promise for HIV Vaccine Design

Two top universities partner in the lab against HIV.

Congressman Elijah E. Cummings to Address UMD’s 2017 Winter Graduates

A Public Servant, Civil Rights Champion and Maryland Native, Cummings to Also Receive Honorary Doctorate.

UMD Researcher Awarded $1.4M NIH Grant to Study Effects of Copper on Heart Health

Research aims to provide answers to unexplained heart attacks that occur frequently in animals and humans.

UMD Named Top 50 Global University by U.S. News & World Report

The University of Maryland has been ranked No. 50 among 1,250 universities in the world in a new ranking out this week based on academic research performance and global reputation.

University of Maryland SAFE Center, PGPD Receive Joint $1.3M Grant to Assist Human Trafficking Victims

Three-year grant will help enhance collaboration between service providers and law enforcement within human trafficking task forces.

The Phillips Collection and the University of Maryland Present International Forum in Washington

Artist Sanford Biggers to keynote and participate in conversations during annual event at the Phillips.

UMD Receives $8 Million to Combat Hearing Loss in Older Americans

Multidisciplinary research will examine strategies to improve communication challenges for millions of senior citizens.

60th Anniversary of Royal Visit to University of Maryland

Thursday, October 19, marks the 60th anniversary of Her Royal Highness The Queen of England’s visit to the University of Maryland. Media resources within.

University of Maryland Recognized as a Top Public Institution in 2017 College Scorecard

UMD earned high marks in graduation rate, salary after attending and more in the 2017 College Scorecard by the U.S. Department of Education.

UMD Research Finds Human Brains Synchronize, Coordinate Under Collective Threat

UMD research team identifies how societal threat affects coordination at both neural and behavioral levels.

UMD-led Research Will Leverage Technology to Create “Smarter Baltimore”

Joint initiative will help improve quality of life in Baltimore.

UMD College of Education Launches Center for Educational Innovation and Improvement

New Center will foster collaborations between the university, school systems and educational organizations that focus on improving pre-K-12 education.

FDA Awards $17M to UMD to Improve Food Safety

Funds will support the Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition's research projects over the next five years.

Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin to Speak at UMD

Co-authors of University of Maryland’s First Year Book, March: Book Three, present “Good Trouble” to students, faculty and staff this Thursday.

University of Maryland Named Finalist for 2017 APLU Innovation & Economic Prosperity Universities Awards

The University of Maryland has been named as one of five finalists for the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities’ (APLU) fifth annual Innovation & Economic Prosperity (IEP) University Awards.

UMD Partners with Signature Science, Fraunhofer on DNA Screening to Detect Biological Threats

With funding from IARPA, researchers will work on next-generation computational and bioinformatics tools to screen DNA sequences.

City of College Park to Celebrate Community

Eighth annual College Park Day takes place on Saturday, October 7 at the College Park Aviation Museum and Airport.

Hornbake Library Exhibit Showcases Labor Movement’s Contribution to Social Justice in America

First major exhibit featuring historic AFL-CIO archive.

UMB, UMCP Announce New Strategic Partnership Signature Projects

Marking the one-year anniversary, University of Maryland Strategic Partnership: MPowering the State continues to demonstrate innovation and impact throughout the state.

Unprecedented Investment from the A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation

Building Together: An Investment for Maryland will transform UMD through $219,486,000 gift.

UMD Launches Center for Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education

Center will be a national hub for research and collaboration on best practices for creating inclusive campuses.

Snowball Nominations Process Drives Membership in International Scientific Panel, Reports UMD Study

UMD researchers find group of global elite disproportionately driving scientific review process.

University of Maryland Releases Climate Action Plan 2.0

The University of Maryland released today an updated climate action plan that outlines new strategies and priorities to help the university become carbon neutral by 2050.

UMD Libraries Makes University History More Accessible

University Libraries concludes phase one of efforts to completely digitize the The Diamondback.

UMD Student Team Selected as a Finalist in the 2017 Collegiate Inventors Competition

A team of UMD engineering students to compete for patent support.

UMD Awarded U.S. Department of Commerce Grant to Launch Immersive Media Innovation Ecosystem

University to develop MAVRIC, a regional hub for immersive media technology with investment from the Economic Development Administration.

UMD Organizes Virtual Food Drive to Provide Hurricane Relief and Local Food Access

Office of Community Engagment partners with Alumni Assocation, campus and community organizations to collect healthy food items for those in need.

UMD-Led Project Awarded $3M NSF Grant to Study Big Data Ethics

Multi-disciplinary team, representing six research institutions, will study issues surrounding user consent, risk assessment and regulations.

University of Maryland Launches Coalition Application to Improve College Access

New suite of tools will provide additional level of support for students during the college planning and application process.

UMD Selects “March: Book Three” by John Lewis for First Year Book

No. 1 bestseller recounts Congressman’s life in the Civil Rights Movement.

UMD Appoints Joint President/Senate Inclusion & Respect Task Force Members

Task force will consider how to nurture a campus climate that stands against hate and reaffirms the university’s values.

University of Maryland Joins Network of Colleges and Universities Serving the Baltimore Region

With growing investment in Baltimore as a hub of higher education, UMD joins member-funded Baltimore Collegetown Network.

UMD Opens Outdoor Flight Laboratory to Advance Autonomy, Robotics

First university facility of its kind in D.C.-Maryland-Virginia region.

UMD-Led Research Predicts Dangerous Blood Pressure Drops in ICU Patients

A research team, composed of engineers from the University of Maryland (UMD) and physicians at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School has developed a predictive model that can warn of sudden blood pressure drops in ICU patients before they

College Park Ready to Deliver Amazon HQ2

University of Maryland will make a pitch to put Amazon's second headquarters in College Park.

UMD Named Top Producer of Minority Graduates

The University of Maryland has been named a Top 100 Minority Degree Producer, ranking No. 34 overall for conferring the most undergraduate degrees to minority students and No. 66 overall for graduate and professional degrees.

University of Maryland Undergraduates Develop Tools to Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease before Patients Show Symptoms

“Synapto” awarded first place in 2017 NIH DEBUT Challenge.

UMD, Catholic Charities DC Team Up to Provide Free Dental and Health Care to Local Community

Mid-Maryland Mission of Mercy and Health Equity Festival will take place Sept. 8 & 10 at the University of Maryland’s XFINITY Center

New UMD Hyperloop Pod Races Against Rivals this Weekend

Students compete in second SpaceX competition.

Congressman Anthony G. Brown to Speak at the University of Maryland

Will Address Race, Politics and Reconciliation in Conversation with Campus Community.

Large, Distant Comets More Common Than Previously Thought

UMD-led study suggests there are about seven times more “long-period” comets than predicted.

UMD and Bowie State Univ. Launch Training Program to Increase Diversity in Education Research

Five-year grant will provide UMD and BSU students with research and academic mentoring.

UMD Recognized Nationally in Sierra Club Sustainability Rankings

UMD finished No. 33 overall and No. 2 out of the Big Ten in Sierra Magazine's 2017 Cool Schools ranking.

UMD's Colwell Awarded 2017 International Prize for Biology

Renowned scientist honored for discoveries in marine microbiology, bioinformatics and cholera prevention.

UMD Announces Updates to Fan Code of Conduct and Prohibited Items & Behavior Policies to Enhance Fan Safety

Recommendations from Athletic Council affirm core values of diversity, inclusion and respect.

State and University Leaders Gather at UMD To Launch Maryland Energy Innovation Institute

The Maryland Energy Innovation Institute (MEI2) was created by the state to turn research breakthroughs at UMD and other state colleges and universities into commercial, clean energy solutions that meet the needs of the state and its people.

UMD Researchers Help Children Improve Language Skills With $3.3M Department of Education Grant

UMD researchers use $3.3M Department of Education grant to test program designed to help children more easily shift between informal and formal English dialects.

NSF Funds $1.2 M in UMD Work on Neural Engineering of Complex Behaviors

Three University of Maryland engineers have been awarded new National Science Foundation (NSF) grants to research how human neural and cognitive systems interact and intersect with advances in engineering, computer science and education.

UMD Researchers Discover Link Between Regular Energy Drink Use and Later Drug Use Among Young Adults

Study results show that energy drink users might be at heightened risk for other substance use, particularly stimulants.

UMD Scientists Find First Clear Evidence of an Upper Level Atmosphere on an Exoplanet

Distant “hot Jupiter” has a glowing water stratosphere hot enough to boil iron

University of Maryland Strategic Partnership Breaks Ground on Research and Academics at Cole Field House

Key partners gathered to celebrate state-of-the art facility that will bring research, innovation, athletics and clinical practice under one roof.

Four UMD Students Awarded 2017 Hollings Scholarship

Award provides up to $19,000 toward tuition, plus paid internship.

UMD, UMB Offer First Look into New Cole Field House

UMD strategic partnership breaks ground on research and academic spaces, celebrates dedication of completed indoor practice field.

Gamma-ray Burst Captured in Unprecedented Detail

UMD-led team uses data from multiple telescopes to address long-standing questions about the universe’s most powerful explosions.

UMD Engineers Invent the First Bio-Compatible, Ion Current Battery

Engineers at UMD invent an entirely new kind of battery. It's bio-compatible because it produces the same kind of ion-based electrical energy used by humans and all living things.

UMD’s “It Takes Just One” Student Team Wins National Competition to Curb Violent Extremism Online

BSOS students take top prize for work to empower bystanders.

Flying Dog Brewery and University of Maryland Partner on Hops Production Initiative

The new partnership focuses on studying the potential for high-quality hops grown in the State.

University of Maryland Students, Alumni and Scholars Receive Fulbright Grants

Students and alumni to spend one year abroad to research or teach overseas.

UMD Named a 2017 Best College by MONEY Magazine

The University of Maryland ranked No. 11 among public universities.

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University of Maryland to create 5 new cultural centers for underrepresented students

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UMD Gallery Honors a Pioneer in African American Art

The Baltimore Sun

UMD president: Quantum physics will revolutionize the DMV region | COMMENTARY

New York Times

Is the Coronavirus Getting Better at Airborne Transmission?

Inside Higher Education

Seizing First Impressions, Op-ed with President Pines

NBC Washington

UMD Program Helps Students With Developmental Disabilities Achieve the College Experience


Severe COVID-19 may trigger autoimmune conditions; New variants cause more virus in the air


IonQ Scores Quantum Computing Deal With University Of Maryland And Announces It’s Tripling 2021 Bookings

College Park Here & Now

President Pines' First Year in Office

The Baltimore Sun

University of Maryland creating quantum computing lab, giving students and faculty hands-on access for research

Washington Business Journal

UMD's Darryll Pines talks about returning to campus — and the cross-Potomac friendship that helped him through his first year as president


UMD President speaks with FOX 5 as the school year begins

The Daily Record

Off the Record with Sloane Brown: Darryll Pines, University of Maryland, College Park

NBC 4 Washington

University of Maryland Researchers Study Ways to Protect Against ‘Firebrands'

The Washington Post

Through a pandemic and reckoning with racism, U. of Maryland president is still optimistic

Maryland Public Television (MPT)

State Circle | The new president of the University of Maryland College Park

CTV News

University of Maryland President Pines on CTV News

CBS News

Watch a 3D-printed robotic hand play Nintendo

USA Today

It's not just Nikole Hannah-Jones: Black women are underrepresented among tenured faculty

The Baltimore Sun

These athletes with Maryland ties have qualified for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics

The Washington Post

Sing it out: University of Maryland’s team took top honors in vocal competition

Washington Business Journal

QUANTUM COMPETING: A new industry hub founded on microscopic atoms could generate massive returns for the D.C. region.


Health officials turn to Black-owned barber shops and hair salons as possible Covid-19 vaccination sites


When They Grant Tenure, More Colleges Are Taking Professors’ Diversity Work Into Account

Washington Post

A new national model? Barbershop offers coronavirus shots in addition to cuts and shaves.

CBS Baltimore

2 Maryland Schools Working With Army On The Future Of AI

Baltimore Business Journal

U.S. Army Research Lab and two Md. universities launch $68M robotics and AI partnership


UMD aims to close the book on COVID, campus prepares for normal fall semester

CBS News

Where police reform stands a year after George Floyd's death

Washington Business Journal

New leases bolster Discovery District's burgeoning research hub in College Park

These tech companies are finding room to grow in College Park’s Discovery District

The New York Times

Biden Wants to Slash Emissions. Success Would Mean a Very Different America.

Reader's Digest

6 Places you're most likely to catch coronavirus

Washington Post

Bipartisan political rhetoric about Asia leads to anti-Asian violence here

Arab Media & Society

Sahar Khamis on Shifting Tides for Arabs and Muslims in the US

Washington Post

Brood X cicadas are about to put on one of the wildest shows in nature. And D.C. is the main stage.

Baltimore Sun

Get ready, Maryland: The 17-year Brood X cicadas are coming in May

The Harvard Gazette

New database tracks data on slaves, slavers, and allies

Democrat and Chronicle

Netflix series 'Amend' hosted by Will Smith taps Rochester history


Are knowledge workers doomed? Why it’s time to embrace AI and prepare for the feeling economy

Washington Post

Public health experts say ‘we can’t give up on testing’ as vaccinations ramp up


In environmental justice push, Md. lawmakers look to decrease harmful toxins

Washington Post

Homecomings used to feel special. But that was before we spent all our time at home.


Infrastructure Justice


Netflix’s Amend: Why JFK Hesitated to Help the Civil Rights Movement

The Hill

The epidemic behind the mask: COVID-related education inequities

The Conversation

Why the US rejoining the Paris climate accord matters at home and abroad — 5 scholars explain

The New York Times

Don’t Go Down the Rabbit Hole

The New York Times

How a Scrappy Arts Group Survived the ’90s

NBC News

Amid wave of violence, Asian Americans, Black communities build coalitions

Roger Ebert

Amend: The Fight for America Educates Netflix Audiences on 14th Amendment


Can the same kind-of massive power-grid failures that happened in Texas happen in the DMV?

The New York Times

Scientists Call on C.D.C. to Set Air Standards for Workplaces, Now

Diverse Education

University of Maryland Administrators Partner With Black Student Leaders on Campus Climate

Fast Company

This massive database reveals the names and stories behind the history of slavery

The Washington Post

Link to the Washington Post article


Link to the NPR article

The New York Times

Get Wise to Covid Rumors

Washington Business Journal

For University of Maryland's new business school dean, helping first-generation students is key

Fox 13 Salt Lake City

Augmented reality helping doctors perform surgeries with more precision


Opinion: How to nearly eliminate the tragedy of childhood poverty, while also boosting the economy

NBC Washington

New Research Database Compiles Stories of Enslaved People to Repair Broken History

Washington Post

Confusion and chaos: Inside the vaccine rollout in D.C., Maryland and Virginia

Washington Post

One county has twice as many covid-19 deaths. The other does much better with vaccinations.

PR News

Realigned CSR, Online Brand Marketing, Fun Shopping to Mark 2021

U.S. News

A Recipe for Trouble? Reversal of California Outdoor Dining Ban Has Heads Spinning


Super Bowl commercials: Expect a different tone this year

Inside Higher Ed

More Than a Name

Inside Higher Ed

Link to the Inside Higher Ed website

NBC Washington

News 4 Your Sunday:

Washington Post

A diverse suburb’s biggest pandemic challenge: Distributing the vaccine equitably

Baltimore Sun

Maryland 'GoVAX' campaign seeks to aid people reluctant to get coronavirus vaccine to overcome mistrust, cultural barriers

Washington Post

Time to double or upgrade masks as coronavirus variants emerge, experts say


All the Ways the GameStop Roller Coaster Could End

Live Science

Debate heats up over swimming ability of bizarre-looking Spinosaurus


Why ethical dilemmas are putting brands and their media buying in the spotlight

Education Week

New Media Literacy Standards Aim to Combat ‘Truth Decay’

Green Biz

A record $22B disasters in 2020: Here's how to overhaul US disaster policy

The Street

'A Return to Normal' - What the Economy Will Look Like Under Biden


The Next New Deal Must Be for Black Americans, Too

The Next Web

Scientists figured out how to stop time using quantum algorithms

The New York Times

By the People, for the People, but Not Necessarily Open to the People

Marketplace Radio

Walmart Wants to be your Bank

Apple Podcasts

What is the Paris Climate Accord

Quanta Magazine

New Quantum Algorithms Finally Crack Nonlinear Equations

Washingtonian (DC)

Guest List

HowlRound Theatre

Reverse-Engineering Zoom with Isadora

The Hill

Pulling back the curtain on bank climate stress tests


'It's a war zone' | DC's gun violence takes toll on locals' mental health


For Scientists Who Study Virus Transmission, 2020 Was A Watershed Year

The New York Times

Advocating and Agitating, Connecting and Inventing

NBC Washington

New UMD Residence Halls to Be Named for Diversity Contributors


Link to the nbc Washington site for the full article

Diverse Education

Female Faculty Continue to Face Stubborn Wage Gap and Underrepresentation in Tenured Positions

Marketplace Radio

Number of Americans moving homes hits lowest level in 73 years

U.S. News

Cybersecurity Certifications – What You Need to Know: A U.S. News Guide


US service workers brace for another MAGA rally in Washington, DC


Book Review: The Power of Chance in Shaping Life and Evolution

NPR Shares Lives And Experiences Of The Enslaved

CBS Baltimore (WJZ)

New App Developed In Maryland Aims To Keep Police Officers From Missing Key Steps In Investigations

Maryland Today

Earth, From Diverse Perspectives

Capital & Main

Harnessing the Asian American Vote

Washington Post

Best Theater of 2020

Washington Post

A massive new effort to name millions sold into bondage during the transatlantic slave trade


How climate change could spark the next home mortgage disaster

Washington Business Journal

How Covid-19 stopped Metro in its tracks — and how it could recover


How Do We Stop This Surge? Here's What Experts Say Could Help

Maryland's Purple Line has uncertain future after contractor quits, claiming $800M in overruns


Why Waiting Feels Terrible

Washington Post

Va. to tighten coronavirus restrictions amid rise in infections; Md.’s caseload hits record


Why Trump’s Suburban Strategy Failed

Capital Gazette

Anne Arundel County firefighting foam spill causes fish kill; PFAs found in Bear Branch stream

Business Wire

Ion Storage Announces New State of the Art HQ & Manufacturing Facility

Psychology Today

We May be More Adaptive Than we Think

NBC News

Asian Americans voted for Biden 63% to 31%, but the reality is more complex


How Tangled Bank Studios Is Helping Science Use The Power Of Storytelling: An Interview With Sean B. Carroll

Washington Post

‘Russian Troll Farm’ Review: Clock In, Undermine Democracy, Clock Out


America really doesn't want to wait

Wall Street Journal

Election Tests Companies’ Policies on Social Media, Political Speech

Maryland Today

Museum’s Mission Is Louder Than Words

Smithsonian Magazine

Radical Protests Propelled the Suffrage Movement. Here’s How a New Museum Captures That History

Washington Post

Purple Line project uncertainty leaves Maryland residents, businesses in limbo

Inside Higher Education

The Souls of Black Professors


A T. Rex Sold for $31.8 Million, and Paleontologists Are Worried

Inside Higher Ed

‘Black Lives Matter’ Without Black People?


The surprising origin of fried chicken

The Business Journals

Amazon donates $100,000 for diversity and robotics programming at UMd.


The Difference Between Stakeholder and Shareholder Capitalism

Maryland Today

Locally Run Marathon Becomes Globally Watched Experience

Washington Post

Supermarkets are powerful flash points in racial politics

The New Republic

The Strangely Persistent Myth of the Suburbs

Apple Podcasts

NPR Marketplace Tech interview


Not trusting the FDA, Black doctors’ group creates panel to vet Covid-19 vaccines


Updated CDC guidance acknowledges coronavirus can spread through the air


The Undark Interview: A Conversation with Rita Colwell


VERIFY: Could school-provided computers and tablets be capable of remote recording outside of class?

American Marketing Association

4 Reasons to Adopt Front-of-Package Nutrition Labels

Baltimore Sun

‘Ghost kitchens’ thrive in Baltimore area during coronavirus pandemic as customers avoid sit-down restaurants

The Atlantic

The Coronavirus Is Revealing Football’s Human Cost

Bloomberg Radio

Ritu Agarwal Discusses 'Two Pandemics'

BAM! Radio

The ABCs of Teaching Young Students About Race in School

Capital Gazette

Students, parents and teachers create ‘school from home’ as first day of classes nears in Anne Arundel


U.Md. renames women’s studies department to honor Harriet Tubman


Building Trust At The Barber Shop

DC Velocity

What’s Next for the USPS


GM to investigate Chevy Bolt fire after Virginia woman turns to 7 On Your Side for help


The Chinese and U.S. Internets are drifting apart. Why that’s bad for the whole world

NBC News

Apple is now worth $2 trillion, making it the most valuable company in the world

Crónica Digital

Apoyo internacional a las demandas de los presos políticos mapuche en huelga de hambre

The Wall Street Journal

A Celebrated Scientist’s Battles Against Sexism


Berkshire Switches Bets on Banks, Adds Wager on Barrick Gold

National Geographic

2020 back-to-school edition: how to navigate the transition


Virtual School is Another Setback for Struggling Retail Industry


Public Health Expert Calls To Repair Distrust In A COVID-19 Vaccine

University of Maryland, College of Arts and Humanities

New initiatives with students in mind adapt on the fly.

Washington Post

What lies behind Apple’s 4-for-1 stock split

Association of American Medical Colleges

The science and psychology behind masking to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Pew Trusts

Searing Heat Will Make COVID-19 Racial Disparities Worse

Baltimore Sun

Maryland schools pursue innovative solutions for the fall

American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Sexual Orientation Differences in Alcohol Use Disorder Across the Adult Life Course


Food Brands Are Finally Changing Their Racist Mascots—But Is It Enough?

AP News

Rich Americans spew more carbon pollution at home than poor

Kojo For Kids: The Bug Guy


A New World War Over Technology

American Journal of Public Health

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Change Efforts are Unethical and Harmful

Baltimore Sun

Is coronavirus hiding in your sewage system?


Overcoming Bias in a World of Bad Information


This Isn’t What Teachers Signed On For. What Comes Next?

The Kojo Nnamdi Show

Honoring Juneteenth: Food As A Form Of Celebration

The Kojo Nnamdi Show

Honoring Juneteenth: Food As A Form Of Celebration


School Closures Always Hurt. They Hurt Even More Now

Mother Jones

Let’s Connect the Dots Between Environmental Injustice and the Coronavirus

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Being a Woman in Academe Has Its Challenges. A Global Pandemic? Not Helping.

Washington Post

Did coronavirus lay bare inequalities? Not to those who were monitoring them before.

Fox News

Frightening Tyrannosaurus rex was a 'marathon' walker, new study says

Washington Post

Amid the pandemic, public transit is highlighting inequalities in cities

Wall Street Journal

Six Theories on Why Fast-Growing Startups Seem to Be Disappearing


Blacks, Hispanics Hit Harder by the Coronavirus, Early U.S. Data Show

American Theatre

She Kills (Virtual) Monsters

Ms. Magazine

We’re not Waiting 200 Years to Close the Gender Pay Gap

The New York Times

The 1918 Pandemic’s Impact on Music? Surprisingly Little

Chronicle of Higher Education

Being a Woman in Academe Has Its Challenges. A Global Pandemic? Not Helping.

The New York Times

Coronavirus Crisis Threatens Push for Denser Housing

Washington Post

How do you do live theater in a pandemic? U-Md. experiments with Zoom-staged version of ‘She Kills Monsters’

The Diamondback

“Keep Creating” initiative encourages UMD students to make art amid pandemic

The New York Times

3,000 Interviews. 50 Years. Listen to the History of American Music.

US News & World ReportRIT

Technology Can Improve U.S. Tracking of the Coronavirus

NBC News

African Americans may be dying from COVID-19 at a higher rate. Better data is essential, experts say.


Can AI Detect Your Emotion Just By How You Walk?


Rare ozone hole opens over Arctic — and it’s big

Baltimore Sun

Maryland orders all enclosed shopping malls closed to slow spread of coronavirus: ‘It’s like a ghost town’

Voice of America

Innovative Program Empowers Female Students in Technology

Daily Hive

A museum dedicated to the art of language is opening in Washington, DC


Here’s How Blockchain Can Revolutionize Private Equity for Real Estate Investors

The Diamondback

Meet the two UMD researchers working to understand US-based terrorism

Smithsonian Magazine

Tropical Snakes Suffer as a Fungus Kills the Frogs They Prey On

The Atlantic

The Cascading Consequences of the Worst Disease Ever

The Diamondback

“Different filter”: Hate group founder’s son talks fighting white nationalism at UMD forum


Donald Trump Is Not a Doctor. But He Plays One on Twitter.

Baltimore Sun

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson isn’t signed to a big sports brand. That’s likely to change soon.

All Together

This Is Your Brain on Green Buildings

Architect Magazine

The Challenge of Defining "Net-Zero"

BizEd Magazine

Achieving a Digital Mindset


Why Chick-fil-A, Popeyes and McDonald’s launched a chicken sandwich war in 2019

CBS Newse

Half of U.S. businesses make workers sign noncompete agreements

WBUR: Boston (NPR)

Solving A 'Student Achievement Crisis': Why Kids' Reading Scores Are Down

The Diamondback

With $1.3 million grant, PG County schools aim to boost mental health resources


An Eyewitness to Extinction

ABC News

Disney Plus adds disclaimer about racist movie stereotypes

Congressman Anthony Brown 4th District of Maryland

Congressmen Announce New Partnership That Will Train Mental Health Professionals For PGCPS

Washington Post

Opinion: You know about the Underground Railroad. But what about the Reverse Underground Railroad?

The Decider

Smells Like ‘10s Spirit: How That Iconic Trailer Saved ‘The Social Network’


The reverse underground railroad

The Sentinels of Maryland

Congressmen announce new partnership that will train mental health professionals for PGCPS

Washington Post

JPMorgan Chase commits $5 million to combat gentrification along the Purple Line

The New Republic

An Early Case For Reparations


In 'Stolen,' Five Boys Are Caught In A Reverse Underground Railroad Toward Slavery

PBS News Hour

Why the 2019 Nobel Prizes in STEM struggled with diversity

PBS NewsHour

Why the 2019 Nobel Prizes in STEM struggled with diversity

Big Ten Network

A Maryland Violinist Goes Virtual: BTN LiveBig

TerrapinTalk for the 100th-year celebration of the College of Education, University of Maryland

Terrapin EdTalks: The "Non-Smart" Use of Smart Technologies by UMD's Dr. Patricia A. Alexander

Bethesda Magazine

Updates Planned for Downtown Silver Spring Development

Architect Magazine

Studio Prize: Bridging the Gap Studio


How To Help Kids Think Critically In The Age Of The Internet

HealthTech Magazine

How Augmented Reality Is Improving Patient Care

Washington Post

Which came first: The fried chicken or the racist trope?

American Public Media

At a Loss for Words. How a flawed idea is teaching millions of kids to be poor readers

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Just in Time for Fall Term, a Cyberattack Forces an Entire College’s Systems Offline

The New York Times

The Complex History of the Women’s Suffrage Movement

Baltimore Sun

Colleges must prepare students for an AI world


Why Consumers Are Already Losing in the Streaming Wars

Washington Informer Newspaper

U.Md. Computer Science Camp Inspires Girls

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Jason—a secretive group of Cold War science advisers—is fighting to survive in the 21st century

Capital Gazette

Bowie High twins share valedictorian title and look to studying engineering at University of Maryland


Hamilton: What the musical got right/wrong


Why Learning About Big Data Analytics on Your MBA Is The Key To A Career In HR

Scientific American

With Widespread Deforestation, North Korea Faces an Environmental Crisis

Common Dreams

'It Is Not Enough to Simply Oppose US Military Intervention': A Response to WOLA on Venezuela

The New York Times

A Year After Kendrick Lamar, Will the Music Pulitzer Embrace Pop?

Seeking Alpha

Pete Kyle’s Enduring Influence on Understanding Market Liquidity

The Diamondback

UMD panel explores gender inequality’s impact on world peace

Penn State News

Sexual minorities face significant health disparities

The New York Times

Making Peace With the Music Left by an Omnivorous Young Composer

The Globe Post

This Year Wasn’t Good for Journalists. Will 2019 Be Better?


Five Ways to Boost Inclusivity Within Your Organization


Google's Energy Kite May Take Off Soon. Can It Rise Above Wind Turbines?

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Actually, Race-Conscious Admissions Are Good for Asian-Americans

Sports Illustrated

Bold Face: Nike is Banking on Colin Kaepernick

Wall Street Journal

WeWork Reaches Settlement on Noncompete Pacts

DC Velocity

Amazon orders 20,000 Mercedes-Benz for parcel delivery program

Washington Post

Five Myths about Tesla


How Your Brain Tricks You Into Believing Fake News President Trump Continues to Push Conspiracy Theories Volume 0%


Finding a Voice in Predominantly White Institutions: A Longitudinal Study of Black Women Faculty Members’ Journeys Toward Tenure


Early-1900s EVs were marketed to women because gas cars were too complicated

The Atlantic

Jean-Michel Basquiat Is Still an Enigma

Washington Post

This is why white evangelicals still support Donald Trump. (It's not economic anxiety.)


A 1,000-year flood in Maryland shows the big problem with so much asphalt

Washington Post

Here’s how researchers think the Washington-Baltimore region could look in 20 years

Seattle TimesT

Uber drivers will have annual background checks

American Institute of Physics

Are You Dyslexic in Chinese?

Think College

Successful Capacity Building Event in Maryland

USA Today

'Moron' Boss Survival Guide


A Lot of Apple’s Overseas Cash Is Already in the U.S.

The Conversation

The enduring power of print for learning in a digital world

The Diamondback

Anyone can fly their drones at UMD’s new flight lab

Washington Post

The right to read: My dyslexic daughter got the help she needed. All kids should.

Washington Post

A Field Guide to Jerks at Work

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Can Design Thinking Redesign Higher Ed?

Baltimore Sun

Smart growth is not a rural or urban issue, it's a Maryland issue

The New York Times

‘Hamilton’ Is Known for Its Music, but What Did Alexander Hamilton Listen To?

The Straits Times

Basquiat is in songs, movies and on Uniqlo products, but not in museums

Real Life Magazine

Fidget Spinners

NPR's Planet Money

Episode 779: Shrimp Fight Club

Religión en Libertad

Duro artículo en «The Wall Street Journal» contra el asalto islamo-laicista a la catedral de Córdoba

Harvard Business Review

Multinationals Have a Bright Future, If You Know Where to Look

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Dyeing Your Way to Younger Skin?

Culture Type

The Age of Basquiat: New Books, Important Exhibitions, and Soaring Auction Sales Are Substantiating the Artist’s Legacy

Time Magazine

6 Ways to Create an Empowering Environment

The New Yorker

What Du Yun’s Pulitzer Win Means for Women in Classical Music

USA Today

Not your mother's (or grandmother's) feminism: How young women view the fight for equality

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Demise of stream rule won’t revitalize coal industry


How race consciousness influences your likelihood of getting a flu shot


The Best Stocks to Own If Trump Brings Foreign Cash Home

The New Yorker

For Better Vision, Living in the Dark


Students Have 'Dismaying' Inability To Tell Fake News From Real, Study Finds


The Dirty Little Secret of Finance: Asymmetric Information


Book club learns history from guest author


Teaching Teachers How To Teach Reading

Diverse: Issues In Higher Education

At UMD, New Frederick Douglass Square Illustrates State’s Racial Duality

Atlas Obscura

The Forgotten Kaleidoscope Craze in Victorian England

The Los Angeles Times

Claudia Rankine and Meghan Daum lead 2015 PEN Literary Awards


'The Fried Chicken Capital': Where Racial Progress Began Along The Rails


India and China: Friends, foes or frenemies?


Experts: Christmas trees a serious fire danger


Arab YouTube revolution: Push for free speech

The Atlantic

The NSA Probably Really, Really Wants a Quantum Computer

Streetsblog USA

Mapping How Far You Can Bike Without Breaking a Sweat


The Man Pushing CEO Pay to the Stratosphere

ZME Science

Stitches to become a thing of the past? Doctors to use polymer nanofibers to promote healing

The Atlantic

'One of the Greatest Discoveries in the History of Science' Hasn't Been Peer-Reviewed—Does It Matter?

Washington Post

Hard-to-find Comet ISON loiters low on the eastern horizon

Wall Street Journal

High Speed Traders Exploit Loophole

Washington Post

Bladensburg battles to preserve historic Bostwick House

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Encouraging Distraction? Classroom Experiments with Mobile Media

The Atlantic

The Myth of the Disconnected Life


The Five U.S. Terror Hot Spots

Think College

Paid Work vs. Unpaid Work Experiences for Students

The New Arab

Sahar Khamis | The New Arab

Think College (podcast)

The Basics of Job Development based on Positive Personal Profiles

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Change Agent Finds Niche at Smith

Baltimore Sun

Fingerprint evidence on trial

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