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Christy Tirrell-Corbin

Executive Director, Center for Early Childhood Education and Intervention

College of Education


Child Development


Service to the State

Language Proficiency


Christy Tirrell-Corbin is the Executive Director of the Center for Early Childhood Education and Intervention, as well as the Director of the Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Education teacher education program, at the University of Maryland. She is an award-winning faculty member having been acknowledged for her scholarship, teaching and service.

Earlier in her career, Tirrell-Corbin worked in foster care and adoption in New York City. She views that experience as foundational to her career as a researcher where she focuses on young children at risk due to adversity, specifically those residing in low-resourced communities. Tirrell-Corbin has also worked extensively in Title I (high poverty) schools around issues of race, culture and trauma. She is the co-Director of the Trauma Sensitive Pedagogy (TSP) project, which is being piloted in a mid-Atlantic elementary school.

Tirrell-Corbin has been the Principal Investigator on numerous early childhood focused grants that include external evaluations, curriculum design and implementation, and trauma informed schools. The results of her research have been published and presented both nationally and internationally and funded by public, philanthropic and organizational entities. Dr. Tirrell-Corbin has also served as a consultant for PBS, National Geographic and Sesame Workshop.

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