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Arie W. Kruglanski

Distinguished University Professor

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences




Language Proficiency

french, german, hebrew, italian, polish, spanish

Arie W. Kruglanski is a Distinguished University Professor, a recipient of numerous awards, and a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and the American Psychological Society. His areas of expertise include radicalization, deradicalization, and terrorism; motivation and goal pursuit; motivated cognition and need for closure.

Kruglanski’s work in the domains of human judgment and belief formation, the motivation-cognition interface, group and intergroup processes, and the psychology of human goals has been disseminated in more than 300 articles, chapters, and books, and has been continuously supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, NIMH, Deutsche Forschungs Gemeineschaft, the Ford Foundation and the Israeli Academy of Science. As a founding co-PI and co-Director of START (National Center for the Study of Terrorism and the Response to Terrorism), Kruglanski also conducts research with the support of grants from the Department of Homeland Security and from the Department of Defense on the psychological processes behind radicalization, deradicalization, and terrorism.

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