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University of Maryland Statement on #UMDNotaHome — November 2, 2017


Katie Lawson , 301-405-4622 lawsonk@umd.edu


Statement from university spokesperson Katie Lawson:

Attorney Diane Krejsa's recent remarks were part of a complicated discussion about the tension between the constitutionally-guaranteed right to free speech and the importance of creating a safe and inclusive campus environment. The university regrets that these comments were misunderstood as unwelcoming, when we are working tirelessly to be a welcoming and inclusive campus for all. Krejsa's comments were intended to highlight legal and other differences between a public university residence hall and a private home. In a university residence hall, students should expect to meet people who hold different opinions from their own and to talk about these differences. This is a valuable part of the college experience. We are proud that the University of Maryland is considered "a home" by thousands of our current and former students.

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