Friday, June 21, 2024

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Catherine Knight Steele

Associate Professor of Communication

College of Arts and Humanities


African American Studies


Social Media

Language Proficiency


Catherine Knight Steele directs the Black Communication and Technology lab and the graduate program in Digital Studies in the Arts and Humanities. Steele studies race and media, specifically focusing on Black discourse, technology and social media. Her research on the Black blogosphere, digital discourses of resistance and joy, and digital Black feminism has been published in such journals as Social Media + Society, Information, Communication and Society, and Feminist Media Studies. She is the author of “Doing Black Digital Humanities with Radical Intentionality” (Routledge 2023) and “Digital Black Feminism” (NYU Press 2021), which examines the relationship between Black women and technology as a centuries-long gendered and racial project in the U.S and was the 2022 winner of the Association of Internet Research Nancy Baym Book Award and Diamond Anniversary Book Award for the National Communication Association.

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