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Amy Dwyre D'Agati

Senior Faculty Specialist, Center for Transition and Career Innovation

College of Education


Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education

Disability and Accessibility


Language Proficiency


Amy Dwyre D’Agati, Senior Faculty Specialist in the College of Education, Center for Transition and Career Innovation (CTCI) at the University of Maryland has a M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling/Supported Employment and Transition. She has been working in transition and career development for those with disabilities for nearly 30 years, providing employment services to students and their families, partnering with businesses, training transition personnel and researching evidence-based practices. A specific focus is inclusive higher education options for students with disabilities, including those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and autism. She has helped develop, support and research postsecondary education and career development programs for students in Maryland and other states and currently is developing a UMD program.

As a Technical Assistance specialist on a variety of research and demonstration projects, she acts as a liaison between project partners - including state agencies and organizations across Maryland and other states - working to ensure fidelity of interventions and the influences on policy and practice. Researching benefits of employment for young adults with disabilities is another strong interest. Watching the struggles and successes of her brother Patrick, as he tackled college and career with an intellectual disability, drives her work with students with disabilities.

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