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Michael Wedel

Distinguished University Professor and PepsiCo Chair in Consumer Science

Robert H. Smith School of Business


Artificial Intelligence

Arts and Culture



Machine Learning



Language Proficiency

dutch, english, french, german

Michel Wedel’s main research interest is in consumer science – the application of statistical and econometric methods to further the understanding of consumer behavior and to improve marketing decision making. Much of his recent work has measured the effectiveness of visual marketing using eye-tracking technology. In 2020, he won the Don Lehmann Award, for his research, "Video Content Marketing: The Making of Clips.”

The research used eye-tracking technology to create a model that could create compelling, short movie trailers.

Earlier that year, Wedel was given the prestigious 20th Paul D. Converse Award for "significant contributions to marketing theory and to the advancement of science in marketing.”

In just over a year, four other lifetime achievement awards were bestowed on the Netherlands-born Wedel – the American Marketing Association’s 2019 Robert J. Lavidge Global Marketing Research Award, the 2019 AMA-Irwin-McGraw-Hill Distinguished Marketing Educator Award, and 2019’s Ubbo Emmius Medal for science merits at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, and the Buck Weaver Award from the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science. Wedel has more than 200 publications and has developed seven software packages that enable PhD students and marketing practitioners to implement methods he developed.

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