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All Experts Computer Science

Amitabh Varshney

Professor and Dean

College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences


Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Computer Science

Language Proficiency


Amitabh Varshney's research focus is on exploring the applications of high-performance computing and visualization in engineering, science, and medicine. He has worked on a number of research areas including visual saliency, summarization of large visual datasets, and visual computing for big data. He is currently exploring applications of virtual and augmented reality in several applications, including healthcare and telemedicine. He has previously worked on the design and implementation of virtual walkthroughs of proposed structures, such as buildings, automobiles, and submarines. In the process he has developed new algorithms for automatically generating multiresolution object hierarchies, image-based rendering, parallel computation and simplification of radiosity meshes, and fine gesture recognition for virtual environments. His work on efficient and robust computation of smooth molecular surfaces is useful in the rational drug design process through the protein folding and docking problems. He is currently exploring applications in general-purpose high-performance parallel computing using clusters of CPUs and Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).

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