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Marccus Hendricks

Assistant Professor; Director at SIRJ Lab; Affiliated Research Faculty, Clark School of Engineering's Center for Disaster Resilience, NCSG and EFC

School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Climate Change


Environmental Health

Urban Studies and Planning

Language Proficiency


Assistant Professor Marccus Hendricks' research interests include stormwater infrastructure planning and management, social vulnerability to disaster, environmental justice, hazard mitigation, sustainable development, public health and the built environment, and participatory action research. Rooted in environmental justice Hendricks works to ensure that low-income and communities of color are planned and accounted for, emphasizing participation and action in light of everyday urban stormwater management and extreme events such as urban flooding. He has investigated, written and spoken extensively on the socio-spatial dynamics related to critical infrastructures and public works, mainly water infrastructure (i.e. stormwater, wastewater, and drinking water) and green space, and how they can modify risks of hazard exposure and disaster impacts, improving public health outcomes and opportunities for community resilience.

Hendricks is a Faculty Research Affiliate with the Clark School of Engineering's Center for Disaster Resilience, the National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education, and the Environmental Finance Center. He also directs the Stormwater Infrastructure Resilience and Justice (SIRJ) Lab. His research has been published in several journals including the Journal of the American Planning Association, Journal of Infrastructure Systems, Risk Analysis, Landscape Journal, and Sustainable Cities and Society.

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