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UMD Experts for Media: Affirmative Action


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Are you a journalist covering the Supreme Court’s decision on Affirmative Action? University of Maryland experts are available to discuss the ways in which the historic decision will impact generations of Americans to come.

  • Access and equity in the classroom and beyond: Kimberly A. Griffin serves as the Dean for the College of Education, where she oversees, in part, efforts in supporting and guiding faculty hiring and graduate recruitment. She is driven by education’s ability to make an impact in schools and communities and her work aims to promote access, equity and justice in higher education.
  • History of Asian Americans and Affirmative Action:
    • A professor of American Studies and multi-published author, Janelle Wong’s groundbreaking work studies the correlation between race, immigration and political mobilization.
    • Author and associate professor of education, Julie J. Park's work addresses racial equity in higher education, with a special focus on the campus racial climate and college admissions.
  • Systemic racism and anti-Black discrimination: A Brookings Institute Senior Fellow, author of over 50 books and celebrated sociologist, Rashawn Ray's extensive academic portfolio addresses the mechanisms that manufacture and maintain racial and social inequity.

  • Affirmative Action’s impact on K-12: Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management, Shannon R. Gundy passion for helping students navigate the college admissions process began at UMD in 1990. Through her work and membership in prestigious councils and boards, Gundy’s work focuses on serving students of color as they work to pursue higher education.

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