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Cixin Wang

Associate Professor

College of Education


Child Development

Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education

Higher Education

Mental Health

Language Proficiency

chinese, english

Cixin Wang is an associate professor of School Psychology in the College of Education at the University of Maryland, College Park (Department of Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education). She received her Ph.D. in School Psychology from University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2011. She then completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at Kennedy Krieger Institute/Johns Hopkins University in 2013. Her research interests focus on bullying prevention and mental health promotion among children and adolescents.

Her research seeks to: (1) better understand different factors contributing to bullying/ victimization and mental health difficulties, including individual, family, school, and cultural factors; (2) develop effective prevention and intervention techniques to decrease bullying and discrimination at school; and (3) develop school-wide prevention models to promote mental health among students, especially among culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students, e.g., Asian American students. She recently received funding from NSF to study the influences of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on racial discrimination, identity development and mental health among Asian American families.

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