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At the forefront of quantum research and innovation, UMD is committed to becoming the Capital of Quantum. Our experts, including a Nobel laureate, have worked across all several disciplines for over 30 years to advance our world's future.

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    Quantum Science Experts

    Andrew Childs


    College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

    Steve Rolston


    College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

    Quantum Science News Releases

    University of Maryland and IonQ Celebrate Opening of QLab: A Hub for Quantum Computing Research

    QLab offers researchers, students, professionals direct access to cutting-edge quantum computers

    UMD Quantum Physicist Elected to National Academy of Sciences

    Julienne Pioneered the Field of Ultracold Matter

    UMD Quantum Physicist Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

    Wendell Hill’s Election Follows Fundamental Discoveries in Laser-Matter Interaction

    President Darryll Pines Offers Vision for Growing the ‘Capital of Quantum’ at UMD-Sponsored Summit

    Quantum Investment Event Focuses on Building Thriving Business Infrastructure Around Revolutionary Technology

    Two UMD Faculty Members Receive 2023 Sloan Research Fellowships

    Early-Career Award Honors Computational Astrophysicist, Quantum-Focused Computer Scientist

    UMD Professor Adds New Company to College Park Quantum Ecosystem

    Q-Cat to Identify, Create and Grow Quantum-Focused Start-ups in Maryland

    NSF Awards $5M to UMD-led Multi-Institutional Team for Development of Prototype Quantum Routers, Modems

    Grant supports UMD-led work to develop crucial technology to connect quantum computers and pave the way for a quantum internet

    EY named founding member of the University of Maryland Quantum Startup Foundry

    QSF and EY to work with startups and entrepreneurs on innovative technologies and services

    UMD Invests Over $10M in Research Equipment to Drive Discovery, Innovation

    Labs Focused on Quantum Technology, Energy Storage, Neuroscience and More Getting Big Upgrades

    DOE Awards UMD $1.5M for Quantum Information Research to Advance Fusion Energy

    Can quantum information science help the U.S. realize holy grail of clean abundant fusion energy? QuantumTechnology Center at the UMD gets $1.5 million from the U.S. Department of Energy to help pursue this goal

    University of Maryland Launches Quantum Business Incubator

    The Quantum Startup Foundry will support new businesses in the quantum technology field.

    University of Maryland Celebrates IonQ’s Plans for Remarkable Growth and Scalable Roadmap for Quantum Computing

    The College Park-headquartered company, rooted in UMD research, announced plans to go public today

    Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance Expands Impact and Reach with Addition of 10 New Partners

    Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance—a rapidly growing hub of quantum technology research, development, innovation and education organized and facilitated by the University of Maryland—has added 10 new members for a total of 24 university, government and industr

    Universities, National Labs and Corporations Create New Alliance to Accelerate Maryland's Leadership in Quantum Science

    The Maryland Quantum Alliance will strengthen the region’s lead in the quantum revolution.

    Director of UMD Quantum Materials Center Receives $1.55 M Grant from the Moore Foundation

    UMD award is part of a Moore Foundation interdisciplinary quantum research program funding work on materials synthesis, experiments, and theory

    Rare “Lazarus Superconductivity” Observed in Promising, Rediscovered Material

    In a uranium-based compound once dismissed as uninteresting, scientists watched superconductivity arise, disappear, then return under the influence of high magnetic fields

    University of Maryland Launches Quantum Technology Center

    The new research center will catalyze the development of high-impact quantum technologies

    Perfect Quantum Portal Emerges at Exotic Interface

    A junction between an ordinary metal and a special kind of superconductor has provided the most robust platform yet for spotting quantum tunneling.

    New Experiment Aces Quantum Scrambling Test

    Work could have applications to quantum computing and the science of black holes

    National Quantum Initiative Becomes Law

    National act with UMD fingerprints provides more than $1.2 billion in funding for U.S. quantum technology R&D

    UMD Researchers Awarded $1 Million Grant from NSF to Develop New Methods to Generate Single Photons for Quantum Research

    Project could enable new advanced quantum research and technology and could yield new ways to connect electronic circuits and photonic devices.

    UMD-Led Quantum Light Research Enables Sources of Nearly Identical Photons

    Such light sources will likely be important for future quantum information devices.

    Semiconductor Quantum Transistor Opens Door for Photon-Based Computing

    Research is latest UMD-led advance in an accelerating quantum science & tech revolution

    Quantum Computing Moves Forward with Record Setting UMD-NIST 53 Qubit Quantum Simulator

    UMD-NIST quantum simulator is on the cusp of exploring physics that is unreachable by even the fastest modern supercomputers.

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