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UMD Announces NextGen Energy Program Private Sector Partner Finalists

The two finalists will be asked to submit final proposals that include measures to make the decarbonization of campus heating and cooling by 2035 realizable.


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COLLEGE PARK, Md. – The University of Maryland announced the two finalists for the private sector partner of the NextGen Energy Program. Finalists were selected following the university’s review of their submitted responses to the Request for Proposals to design, engineer, finance, install and maintain the university’s energy system.

The two finalists are:

  • Maryland and Energy Impact Partners (Plenary Americas US Holdings Inc., Kiewit Development Company, Kiewit Power Constructors Co, Honeywell International, Inc.)
  • Terrapin Energy Partners (ENGIE Development LLC, Meridiam, Engie Services U.S. Inc., Engie Generation NA LLC, Black & Veatch Construction, Inc.)

The NextGen Energy Program will replace, renew and modernize UMD’s aging energy system and serve as a platform to advance key campus-wide sustainability goals. NextGen seeks to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and ultimately, decarbonize the campus energy system.

“We are pleased to have received creative proposals from two of the most highly qualified candidates in the industry. The ideas outlined in their proposals illustrate the type of forward-thinking, sustainability-focused solutions we are looking for,” says Charles R. Reuning, Associate Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer.

The two finalists have been invited to participate in the Best and Final Offer stage of the procurement process. During this stage of the procurement, UMD will work with finalists to further develop their proposals to advance the university’s decarbonization objectives. UMD will ask the finalists to include in their final proposals measures that significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels on campus while making investments to improve infrastructure to allow for the decarbonization of campus heating and cooling systems no later than 2035.

“UMD is glad to be one step closer to a renewed and modernized energy system. NextGen is the key to achieving the university’s sustainability goals and achieving decarbonization by 2035,” says Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer Carlo Colella. “We remain committed to working alongside all interested stakeholders as we move forward on this exciting journey toward UMD’s clean energy future.”

More information about the NextGen Energy Program and the planning process is available at nextgen.umd.edu.

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