Thursday, June 17, 2021

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Infrastructure Justice


Netflix’s Amend: Why JFK Hesitated to Help the Civil Rights Movement

The Hill

The epidemic behind the mask: COVID-related education inequities

The Conversation

Why the US rejoining the Paris climate accord matters at home and abroad — 5 scholars explain

The New York Times

Don’t Go Down the Rabbit Hole

The New York Times

How a Scrappy Arts Group Survived the ’90s

NBC News

Amid wave of violence, Asian Americans, Black communities build coalitions

Roger Ebert

Amend: The Fight for America Educates Netflix Audiences on 14th Amendment


Can the same kind-of massive power-grid failures that happened in Texas happen in the DMV?

The New York Times

Scientists Call on C.D.C. to Set Air Standards for Workplaces, Now

Current Page is 3

We are at the epicenter of an event that happens nowhere else on the planet except here in the Eastern United States.

Mike Raupp

UMD entomologist on Brood X cicadas

Brood X cicadas are about to put on one of the wildest shows in nature. And D.C. is the main stage.
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