Friday, June 09, 2023

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UMD in the News

NBC News

Candidates must engage with Asian Americans beyond crime and education, new survey indicates


The Roe v. Wade decision is “pushing people into psychological crisis,” mental health expert warns

The Washington Post

UMD-Washington Post joint poll finds most Americans oppose trans athletes in female sports

Diverse Issues in Higher Education

New Report Offers First Look at DEI Practices in Tenure Review Baltimore

UMD is officially opening its IDEA Factory building for entrepreneurship

Education Week

Students (and Many Adults) Can’t Tell Fact From Fiction Online. Here’s How to Help

The New York Times

A Wooden Knife Sharper Than Steel? Scientists Say So.

Vital City

The Costs of Violence: Mobilizing “the Public” and Reimagining Public Safety

The Conversation

Putin’s control over Ukraine war news is not total - it’s challenged by online news and risk-taking journalists

BioTalk Podcast

Darryll J. Pines, President, University of Maryland, Visits with Rich Bendis on BioTalk

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The success comes from the engagement and knowing that it’s something that not just minority coaches want, not just NFL executives want, but the 32 individual owners want.

Michael Locksley

Head football coach, on hiring Black coaches in the NFL

USA Today
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