Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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UMD in the News

The Baltimore Sun

First of more than 70 new Maryland weather stations installed in Howard County

The Washington Post

These new apples are built to withstand extreme weather


Could These New Maryland Apples Save Orchards From Climate Change?


The big lessons that can be learned from a tiny Maryland food forest

Washington Business Journal

University of Maryland launches incubator with hopes of spurring startups run by graduates


UMD just launched a new $2M entrepreneurial initiative for students


Don't Toss Out The Crab Shells

Wall Street Journal

Portable Urinal, but Make It Cool: Redesigns Change the Game for Health Products


Affirmative action divided Asian Americans and other people of color. Here's how

NPR "All Things Considered"

What Asian Americans really think of affirmative action

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We’re growing increasingly confident with each study that we can solve the safety and range issues in electric vehicles.

Chunsheng Wang

Professor and chair of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, on the problem of lithium-ion battery fires originating from e-bikes, electric vehicles and laptops

NBC News
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