Thursday, December 01, 2022

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UMD in the News

Diverse Issues in Higher Education

New Report Offers First Look at DEI Practices in Tenure Review Baltimore

UMD is officially opening its IDEA Factory building for entrepreneurship

Education Week

Students (and Many Adults) Can’t Tell Fact From Fiction Online. Here’s How to Help

The New York Times

A Wooden Knife Sharper Than Steel? Scientists Say So.

Vital City

The Costs of Violence: Mobilizing “the Public” and Reimagining Public Safety

The Conversation

Putin’s control over Ukraine war news is not total - it’s challenged by online news and risk-taking journalists

USA Today

Ketanji Brown Jackson's comments on motherhood, her husband's tears and what they mean for a historic moment

BioTalk Podcast

Darryll J. Pines, President, University of Maryland, Visits with Rich Bendis on BioTalk DC

Power Moves: Meet UMD’s new CIO and research head

NY Daily News

What Black & Latino men think of cops

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The bottom line is that the people rely on government services, often without realizing it, and the core of the government services on which they rely is the people.

Don Kettl

Professor emeritus of public policy, on the public sector’s hiring problem

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