Sunday, March 26, 2023

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UMD in the News

Inside Higher Education

Seizing First Impressions, Op-ed with President Pines


Severe COVID-19 may trigger autoimmune conditions; New variants cause more virus in the air

NBC Washington

UMD Program Helps Students With Developmental Disabilities Achieve the College Experience

College Park Here & Now

President Pines' First Year in Office


IonQ Scores Quantum Computing Deal With University Of Maryland And Announces It’s Tripling 2021 Bookings

The Baltimore Sun

University of Maryland creating quantum computing lab, giving students and faculty hands-on access for research


UMD President speaks with FOX 5 as the school year begins

Washington Business Journal

UMD's Darryll Pines talks about returning to campus — and the cross-Potomac friendship that helped him through his first year as president

The Daily Record

Off the Record with Sloane Brown: Darryll Pines, University of Maryland, College Park

NBC 4 Washington

University of Maryland Researchers Study Ways to Protect Against ‘Firebrands'

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The success comes from the engagement and knowing that it’s something that not just minority coaches want, not just NFL executives want, but the 32 individual owners want.

Michael Locksley

Head football coach, on hiring Black coaches in the NFL

USA Today
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