Sunday, April 14, 2024

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UMD in the News

The Washington Post

Opinion | We must turn the tide on antisemitism

Vanity Fair

Tory Lanez Found Guilty of Shooting Megan Thee Stallion

NBC News

How Tory Lanez trial bloggers are shaping the conversation around Megan Thee Stallion

NBC 4 Washington

Why UMD Burns Christmas Trees to Make Your Holiday Safer


University Of Maryland Will Cover All Tuition For Low-Income Resident Undergraduates

The Washington Post

U-Md. expands tuition aid for state residents from low-income families

The Fungus That Killed Frogs—and Led to a Surge in Malaria


From crab feast to EV: Sustainable batteries could be made from crab shells

The Washington Post

University of Maryland raises minimum wage for student workers to $15

Science Magazine

All-seeing telescope will snap exploding stars, may spy a hidden world

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(AI) vastly increases the capacity to create any type of new media … both in speed and volume.

Daniel Trielli

Assistant professor of media and democracy, on how generative AI can increase the spread of political misinformation

The Daily Upside
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