Sunday, May 26, 2024

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The Baltimore Banner

Shark Tank U: Maryland students compete for $2M in private equity to reduce school shootings

The Baltimore Sun

Gov. Wes Moore tells Maryland students to be tough during challenging times


Study proves black holes have a ‘plunging region,’ just as Einstein predicted

The Washington Post

The prom that covid’s Class of 2020 should’ve had

The Baltimore Sun

About half of Baltimore City students are chronically absent. Which schools have highest, lowest rates?


University of Maryland geologist to run simulation that helps astronauts prepare for the moon


WATCH: University of Maryland holds prom for class of 2024 students that never had one

The Chesapeake Bay Magazine

MD Named 8th State Certified As “StormReady” Thanks To High-Tech Weather Towers


Historian says Trump lawyer "deliberatively misleading" SCOTUS: Ben Franklin "would be horrified"


University of Maryland launches interdisciplinary institute on artificial intelligence

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(AI) vastly increases the capacity to create any type of new media … both in speed and volume.

Daniel Trielli

Assistant professor of media and democracy, on how generative AI can increase the spread of political misinformation

The Daily Upside
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