Thursday, September 21, 2023

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UMD in the News


Don't Toss Out The Crab Shells

Wall Street Journal

Portable Urinal, but Make It Cool: Redesigns Change the Game for Health Products


Affirmative action divided Asian Americans and other people of color. Here's how

NPR "All Things Considered"

What Asian Americans really think of affirmative action

Sports Illustrated

Maryland Is a Fitting Home for the Power 5’s Most Groundbreaking Leadership Structure


Here's why experts say men need more friends in their lives — and how they can make them


Oh my! No lions or tigers, but plenty of bears in DC-area suburbs


¿Cómo es estar en medio de un huracán? Este simulador permite sentir la fuerza de sus vientos

Chesapeake Bay Magazine

VIDEO: UMD Invents Battery Made From Crab Shells

Science Magazine

How a pending Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action could affect the scientific workforce

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The success comes from the engagement and knowing that it’s something that not just minority coaches want, not just NFL executives want, but the 32 individual owners want.

Michael Locksley

Head football coach, on hiring Black coaches in the NFL

USA Today
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