Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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UMD in the News


UMD history professor explains historical significance of King Charles III's coronation


Building trust in AI: 3 DC-area universities involved in new effort

DC News Now

Apple launches high-yield savings account, why shopping around for rates may stretch consumers’ cash


The Special Education Teacher Pipeline

Education Week

‘Poor for the Rest of Your Life’: Negative Messages Can Deter Prospective Teachers

The Conversation

Why do mass shooters kill? It’s about more than having a grievance

NBC News

What's to fear about warming oceans? Flesh-eating bacteria


A ‘uniquely American’ challenge: Group of local universities offer ideas to reduce gun violence

The Atlantic

The Cognitive Dissonance of the Monterey Park Shooting


The Department of Energy is giving $7.7M to Virginia Tech and UMD for EV battery projects

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(AI) vastly increases the capacity to create any type of new media … both in speed and volume.

Daniel Trielli

Assistant professor of media and democracy, on how generative AI can increase the spread of political misinformation

The Daily Upside
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