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Expertise AreasBehavioral Sciences

Investigating the behavioral angles of major problems throughout society, developing practical applications to bring about change, and developing policies to create lasting change are all key missions for our behavioral sciences experts.

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Behavioral Sciences Experts

Nicole Nguyen

Associate Clinical Professor, Director of Clinical Audiology

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Department of Hearing and Speech Services

Arie W. Kruglanski

Distinguished University Professor

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Behavioral Sciences News Releases

University of Maryland Collaborates with AT&T to Develop Cyberbullying Prevention Initiatives

AT&T contributes $75,000 to UMD for bullying prevention research; Terrapin Upstander Program to help teens curb cyberbullying in their schools and communities

UMD Biologist Gets $ 1.5 Million NIH Award to Develop Brain Mapping Techniques

“High-Risk, High-Reward Research Program” will fund project that could transform efforts to understand how neurons are wired

Parenting Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

UMD clinical psychology professor Andrea Chronis-Tuscano offers tips for families navigating the COVID-19 pandemic

UMD Research Shows Physiological Effects of Mate Separation in Birds

Male and female zebra finches react to separation from their mates in remarkably different ways.

UMD Creates Online Tour Commemorating African-American History and Contributions to Campus

To raise awareness of our shared history, the virtual tour explores how African-Americans have shaped our campus from Maryland’s roots as a slave-holding state to the campus’ desegregation to today’s campus landmarks.

UMD Researchers Help Children Improve Language Skills With $3.3M Department of Education Grant

UMD researchers use $3.3M Department of Education grant to test program designed to help children more easily shift between informal and formal English dialects.

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