Monday, May 29, 2023

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UMD in the News

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Can Design Thinking Redesign Higher Ed?

Baltimore Sun

Smart growth is not a rural or urban issue, it's a Maryland issue

The New York Times

‘Hamilton’ Is Known for Its Music, but What Did Alexander Hamilton Listen To?

The Straits Times

Basquiat is in songs, movies and on Uniqlo products, but not in museums

Real Life Magazine

Fidget Spinners

Religión en Libertad

Duro artículo en «The Wall Street Journal» contra el asalto islamo-laicista a la catedral de Córdoba

Harvard Business Review

Multinationals Have a Bright Future, If You Know Where to Look

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Dyeing Your Way to Younger Skin?

Culture Type

The Age of Basquiat: New Books, Important Exhibitions, and Soaring Auction Sales Are Substantiating the Artist’s Legacy

Time Magazine

6 Ways to Create an Empowering Environment

Current Page is 32

The success comes from the engagement and knowing that it’s something that not just minority coaches want, not just NFL executives want, but the 32 individual owners want.

Michael Locksley

Head football coach, on hiring Black coaches in the NFL

USA Today
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