Monday, July 15, 2024

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Dinesh Manocha

Distinguished University Professor

College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences


Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Computer Science

Electrical and Computer Engineering


Language Proficiency


Dinesh Manocha’s research focuses on geometric and simulation algorithms with applications to computer graphics, robotics and virtual environments. His research spans computer graphics, robotics, computational geometry, databases, multimedia, high performance computing and symbolic computation. His research group has developed many well-known software packages for collision detection, triangulation, GPU-based algorithms, multi-agent simulation, texture compression, solid modeling, solving algebraic systems, etc. He was a co-founder of Impulsonic, a developer of physics-based audio simulation technologies, which was acquired by Valve Corporation in November 2016. The Phonon technology developed by UNC/Impulsonic has been widely released as Steam Audio SDK.

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