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June 18
University of Maryland Named No. 1 College in U.S. For LGBTQ+ Students
Campus Pride/BestColleges 2020 Lists Recognize Inclusivity, Academic Support, Affordability 
Nebraska corn field June 18
UMD Leads $10M USDA Project to SustainCorn Belt Agricultural Production
UMD leads USDA project to to help Corn Belt farmers more efficiently use water and crop nutrients
May 22
University of Maryland Celebrates Virtual Commencement
Virtual ceremony marks first of a series of events to recognize Spring 2020 graduates
May 20
Memorial Chapel to Go Red and Blue to Celebrate University of Maryland and Prince George’s County Grads
The Office of Community Engagement will turn the Chapel red, blue from May 22 through May 31, 2020.
May 18
University of Maryland to Livestream Virtual Spring 2020 Commencement
The first-ever virtual commencement will livestream on May 22, 2020 
Reprinted with permission from AAAS April 30
New, Super-Fast Method for Ceramic Manufacturing Opens Door to AI-Driven Materials Discovery
A new study published on the cover of Science could bolster the development of batteries, fuel cells, 3D printing technologies and more
April 28
UMD Professor Christopher Jarzynski Elected to the National Academy of Sciences
Distinguished Professor studies complex microscopic systems like living cells and artificial nanoscale machines using mathematics and statistics
April 27
30-year UMD Study Finds Predictive Links From Infant Temperament To Adult Personality
The study by the College of Education finds infant temperaments predict adult personalities, mental health issues and links to introversion and anxiety 
April 27
UMD Economist Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Professor Katharine Abraham Joins Elite Cadre of Renowned Scholars and Innovators
Does DNA contain all the information we inherit from our ancestors or is there is much more to the picture. Photo Courtesy: Pixabay April 23
DNA May Not Be Life’s Instruction Book—Just a Jumbled List of Ingredients
UMD researcher develops potentially revolutionary framework for heredity and evolution in which inheritable information is stored outside the genome 
April 23
University of Maryland Strategic Partnership to Lead New USM COVID Research & Innovation Task Force
Task Force Will Partner USM Expertise with Business & Innovation Community to Assist State in Current Crisis
April 22
University of Maryland, College Park & University of Maryland, Baltimore Fund New Collaborative Research to Advance Medical Science
New research awards are the first in a joint UMB_UMD program to fund big research initiatives that draw on the fields of artificial intelligence and medicine
April 20
University of Maryland Announces Plans to Celebrate 2020 Spring Graduates
Three-part plan includes virtual commencement ceremony featuring remarks from Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer '63; complimentary tickets to fall football game; and invitation to December 2020 in-person ceremony 
April 13
UMD Researchers Develop Platform To Track Social Distancing Compliance
Shelter-in-place compliance during COVID-19 remains low, according to UMD data analysis research
April 10
Construction to Begin on Mixed-Use Development in Downtown College Park