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Juan Pablo Martínez Guzmán

Assistant Research Professor

School of Public Policy



Language Proficiency

english, spanish

Martínez Guzmán's main area of expertise is public budgeting and public pension systems. His research examines the factors that influence decision-making processes and the impact of reforms involving public budgeting and public pension systems.

Some examples of Martínez Guzmán's previous work are an analysis of the factors that determine whether performance information is used for decision-making in line ministries, the impact of contribution volatility in the decision to reform public defined-benefit pension plans, and the transferability of international reforms for the U.S. federal budgeting system.

His current work examines the effectiveness of policies to enroll self-employed workers in public pension systems in Latin American countries, how U.S. state governments are dealing with the uncertainty linked to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act when forecasting tax revenues, and the impact of authoritarianism in budgetary changes in Latin America.

Before joining the faculty, Martínez Guzmán earned a Ph.D. in policy studies from the University of Maryland, College Park, and master's degrees in economics and public administration from the Maxwell School of Syracuse University. He also has several years of experience at the Inter-American Development Bank working in governance reforms in Latin American and Caribbean countries.

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