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University Statement Regarding 2017 Student Commencement Speaker

May 22, 2017

Katie Lawson,, 301-405-4622

Statement from the University of Maryland:

"The University of Maryland, like all public universities, is a marketplace of ideas. It is a place founded on academic freedom, the freedom of expression, and the right of every individual to share their thoughts and views in a welcoming and nurturing academic environment.

As a top student, Shuping Yang was selected by committee to deliver remarks during our university's commencement exercises on Sunday, May 21. She expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to study in the United States at the University of Maryland and shared her views on aspects of that experience.

The University believes that to be an informed global citizen it is critical to hear different viewpoints, to embrace diversity, and demonstrate tolerance when faced with views with which we may disagree. Listening to and respectfully engaging with those whom we disagree are essential skills, both within university walls and beyond.

The University proudly supports Shuping's right to share her views and her unique perspectives and we commend her on lending her voice on this joyous occasion."
View Shuping Yang’s personal statement here: