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UMD Statement on Fisher v. University of Texas

June 27, 2013

Alana Carchedi 301-405-0235

University of Maryland, College ParkCOLLEGE PARK, Md. - Earlier this week, the Supreme Court ruled on Fisher v. University of Texas, referring the case to a lower court for further review.  This case involves the race-based admissions policy of the University of Texas at Austin, brought to court by Abigail Fisher in 2008. Fisher, a white female who was not accepted to the university, argued that she had been a victim of racial discrimination because she was denied admission in favor of minority applicants with lesser credentials.
In its decision, the Court reinforced that race-based admissions policies must be strictly reviewed, but it did not outlaw those programs. The ruling requires universities to prove that the consideration of race in admissions is necessary and is the only way to achieve diversity on their campus.  This ruling does not have any immediate impact on our admissions practices.  Our admissions policy is based on a holistic review process and our review factors include many dimensions of diversity, including race.
The University of Maryland remains committed to the broadest diversity of our students, faculty and staff.  Diversity is a core institutional value and one of our greatest strengths.  It is not merely a duty, but an advantage that will help our students succeed in an increasingly diverse workplace and global community.   We will carefully digest the implications of the Fisher case and continue to pursue the most effective and lawful paths to maintain our commitment to diversity.

--The University of Maryland, College Park