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Protecting The Chesapeake Bay
December 6

UMD provides much-needed help to efforts fighting to restore stability to the Chesapeake Bay. Terps work with oyster producers, local farmers and waterfront communities to protect this national treasure.

An Augmented View
October 12

Revolutionizing health care, UMD researchers are applying augmented reality to improve ultrasounds for both patient & physician

UMD Discovers the Blue Whirl
October 5

A team of researchers at UMD have discovered a new form of fire whirl with a blue color. Because it burns nearly soot-free, it could help with oil spill cleanups and generating clean energy.

Historic Flight
September 8

Witness aviation history being made by UMD engineers – the first successful flight of an entirely solar-powered helicopter. #UMDdiscovers

Lifeline Across the Bay
September 6

The University of Maryland Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Test Site and University of Maryland Shore Regional Health teamed up for Maryland's first civil unmanned aerial delivery of simulated medical cargo across the Chesapeake Bay.

CNS Goes to the Conventions
August 30

A video covering the Capital News Service coverage at the RNC and DNC Conventions in summer, 2016. RNC video by Josh Davidsburg. C-SPAN video courtest C-SPAN

UMD Loop: The Future of Travel
August 5

UMD’s SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design Competition team takes viewers behind the scenes for an inside look at their proposed hyperloop design which could transform the future of travel.

Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center
June 15

The Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center, the first new academic building on McKeldin Mall in 50 years, will be the centerpiece of a new standard of teaching space for the campus.

Turn Imagination Into Innovation
May 26

There are places that inspire and nurture the bold...

Building a Greater College Park Together
May 20

The University of Maryland is working with partners to create the modern land-grant university. Research and industry in lockstep. Public and private enterprise working in close collaboration. An academic and economic engine for our region and our nation.