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WORLDWISE Arts & Humanities Insights: Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak
January 23

In the third installment of the WORLDWISE Arts & Humanities Insights Videos, Professor Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak provides insights into his research on the multifaceted history of Persian literature.

Mighty Sound of Maryland Performs in 2013 Inaugural Parade
January 22

The University of Maryland played a part in the 2013 Inauguration of President Barack Obama -- with the Mighty Sound of Maryland being chosen to perform in the 57th Presidential Inaugural Parade. During the parade, the band performed the “Washington Post March,” as well as the “Maryland Victory Song,” and unveiled new uniforms.

Research Matters: Language Sciences and Culture
January 7

This edition of Research Matters from the University of Maryland looks at  Language Sciences and Culture. Hosted by Public Policy Dean Don Kettl, guests include:

Catherine Ingold
Executive Director
National Foreign Language Center

Mike Bunting
Area Director
Center for the Advanced Study of Languages

Michele Gelfand
Psychology Professor
School of Behavioral and Social Sciences

V.S. Subrahmanian
Computer Scientist
Laboratory for Computational Cultural Dynamics

TerpVision 8: Complete Show
December 19

Join TerpVision host Bonnie Bernstein for UMD stories of impact and inspiration on campus, in College Park and around the world. There's always something good to watch on TerpVision.

TerpVision 8: National Weather and Climate Prediction Center
December 19

The eye of weather and climate prediction for the nation is now a centerpiece of M Square, the University of Maryland Research Park. The federal government officially opened the long-awaited Center for Weather and Climate Prediction of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in October 2012. It promises to have a major impact on weather research with help from the University of Maryland.

TerpVision 8: Campus Compact - Northwestern High School
December 19

Leadership & Community Service Learning celebrated the memorandum of understanding that was signed last spring between the University and Northwestern High School with a ribbon cutting ceremony with then Provost, Ann Wylie, Dean Wiseman, and the interim superintendent of Prince George's School System, Alvin Crawley, at Northwestern High School. The effort brought with it a major award a few months later.

TerpVision 8: A Midsummer Night's Dream
December 19

There’s no denying the endless list of responsibilities designated to a production’s beloved stage manager. It’s hard to imagine a show running smoothly without one, and even harder to believe shows like that even happen. Ruth Anne Watkins, a senior at the University of Maryland (UMD), taught an entire crew how to operate with a stage manager when the School of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies (TPDS) and National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts’ (NACTA) bilingual production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream went overseas to Beijing, China.

TerpVision 8: Homecoming 2012
December 19

Catching up with former classmates at the Maryland Alumni Association's Homecoming Festival at Terp Town is always the ultimate game day experience, which also includes college football action on the big screen, food and drinks, a live DJ, inflatable games, face painting, autographs, giveaways and more.

TerpVision 8: Zombie Race
December 19

First it’s the mud: It sucks the shoes right off your feet and makes you slip and fall as you trudge up hills. Then it’s the obstacles: the house full of smoke, the maze buzzing with an electric current, the pits of water so deep that you end up submerged. The distance? That you can handle. It’s only five kilometers—a little over three miles. But you’ve never had to run from zombies before.

Is 2013 Your Year To Buy or Sell a Home? UMD Expert's Forecast
December 19

Despite historically low interest rates, potential buyers face a lot of questions before jumping in on what is their largest investment, says UMD banking expert Cliff Rossi. For sellers, conditions continue to build on 2012’s nascent recovery. But will credit be readily available for first-time and repeat homebuyers?  Will there be additional efforts to help struggling homeowners under water on an existing mortgage? “Looking into 2013, the ‘fiscal cliff,’ regulatory reform and other factors could put a drag on markets through the year,” adds Rossi, Tyser Teaching Fellow and executive-in-residence for the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business.