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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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Innovation @ UMD

April 22
UMD Team Wins EPA Campus RainWorks Challenge
UMD team wins third annual design competition created to engage college and university students in reinventing our water infrastructure.
April 8
UMD Students to Host Second Annual Bitcamp Hackathon
UMD’s student-run hackathon, held as part of 30 Days of EnTERPreneurship, will draw more than 1,200 students.
April 3
UMD-Led Team Creates U.S. Database of Food Safety Inspections
UMD faculty and graduate students in computer science and economics have created the largest national database of food safety inspection information. 
April 2
30 Days of EnTERPreneurship Showcases Innovation at UMD
Terps celebrate fearless ideas and innovations through a series of events and competitions that ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of the campus community.
March 31
Maryland's iSchool Announces Formation of Digital Curation Innovation Center
DCIC will use public, industry and government partnerships to foster interdisciplinary digital research and education on issues related to the selection, preservation, maintenance, collection and archiving of digital assets. 
March 24
UMD Celebrates Innovations & Partnerships
UMD will honor nine nominees for the most promising new inventions on April 29, held as part of ’30 Days of EnTERPreneurship.’
March 23
Judges & Finalists Announced for 10th Annual Business Competition Chaired by Under Armour Founder & CEO
Cupid’s Cup panel will include top-level business executives and entrepreneurs who will judge six finalists competing for $115K in cash prizes. 
March 23
The University of Maryland Partners with Uber to Foster Mission of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
UMD and Uber, a technology company connecting riders to drivers through its mobile app, today announced a unique partnership to foster, support and advance student-driven innovations and technology.
January 29
Teaming Up on a "Catchy" New Football Product
Making a great catch requires exceptional timing, skill, strength, hand-eye coordination and…sticky gloves. Thanks to UMD students and alumni, football players at all levels now have a new way to put the sticky back on their favorite gloves. 
January 13
Robots Learn by Watching Videos
Imagine having a personal robot prepare your breakfast every morning. Now, imagine that this robot didn’t need any help figuring out how to make the perfect omelet, because it learned all the necessary steps by watching videos on YouTube. It might sound like science fiction, but a UMD team has just made a significant breakthrough that will bring this scenario one step closer to reality.
December 23
Saving Energy with 'Personal HVAC Systems'
Two UMD research teams will launch new federally-funded research projects designed to create personal technologies for keeping individuals comfortably cool or warm, while shrinking the energy needs of the buildings they occupy. 
December 22
Pulsing Magnetic Fields Could Push Drugs to Deep Targets
UMD researchers working with Weinberg Medical Physics LLC have developed a new technique to magnetically deliver drug-carrying particles to cancer tumors or other hard-to-reach targets deep in the body. The method has the potential to transform the way deep-tissue tumors and diseases are treated.
December 22
UMD Partners with Ken Ulman to Boost Economic Development
Through an agreement with the University of Maryland College Park Foundation, former Howard County Executive Ken Ulman has been tapped to serve as a strategist for economic development and growth at the University of Maryland and its surrounding communities.
December 1
UMD Scientists Strive for more Sustainable Strawberry Fields
Researchers utilize wireless sensor networks to improve efficiency in strawberry growing.
November 19
UMD Student Leaders Named National University Innovation Fellows
In celebration of National Entrepreneurship Month and Global Entrepreneurship Week, UMD is proud to announce that three students have been named University Innovation Fellows by the National Center for Engineering Pathways to Innovation.