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Innovation @ UMD

YuHuang Wang and Min Ouyang with automatically regulating radiant heat fabric February 7
Scientists Develop First Fabric to Automatically Cool or Insulate Depending on Conditions
University of Maryland researchers have created a fabric that dynamically regulates heat passing through it.
January 30
Machine Learning Finds Multiple Factors Underlie Cancer Immunotherapy Success
UMD computer scientist leads work to better ID which cancer patients will benefit from immunothehorapy
January 24
New UMD 3D Nanoprinting Strategy Opens Pipeline to Revolution in Medicine, Robotics
UMD engineers advance “microfluidic circuits” by printing smallest-known 3D one-way fluid valve  
DNA illustration. Image Credit DennisM2 January 9
UMD Gets First-Ever ‘New Innovator in Food and Agriculture Research Award’
With “New Innovator” award, UMD researcher’s recent crop editing grants total more than $1 million 
Close-up photo of an ion trap. Credit: S. Debnath and E. Edwards/JQI December 20
National Quantum Initiative Becomes Law
 National act with UMD fingerprints provides more than $1.2 billion in funding for U.S. quantum technology R&D
December 11
Research Citations Show Academic and Non-Academic Researchers Win When They Collaborate
New analysis makes case for 'Twin Win' research to create breakthrough research & solutions to real human problems
November 7
UMD Releases First of Seven New Apples Bred for Maryland Growers
New UMD patented apple varieties could improve yields, growing efficiency, and profitability for farmers in Mid-Atlantic and Appalachian regions 
Zinc Battery Closeup April 18
UMD Researchers Revive Old Chemistry to Create Safer Zinc Battery
Researchers create a higher-energy, safer and longer-lasting zinc battery. 
February 8
UMD Researchers Develop Breakthrough Technique to Combat Cancer Drug Resistance
Clark School Bioengineering professor leads collaborative effort to “turn off” multidrug resistance capabilities in cancer cells
UMD logo May 4
Gov. Hogan Signs into Law $7.5M Maryland Energy Innovation Institute at UMD
University of Maryland Institute to serve as catalyst for clean energy advancements, economic growth.
February 2
University of Maryland Debuts Discovery District
Reimagined research park combines dynamic academic spaces, new amenities, and public-private partnerships
January 25
UMD and VA Maryland Health Care System Collaborate on MS Research
$1.1 million VA Merit Award supports project bringing together engineers, clinicians and immunologists from UMD the VA and the University of Maryland, Baltimore
January 20
Renowned UMD Professor Rita Colwell Named a Fellow in the National Academy of Inventors
Colwell honored for a career of innovation and discovery, including work to understand the bacterium that causes cholera and to reduce incidence of the disease
January 19
UMD Research Empowers Leaner Bus Systems for Schools
Done for the Howard County Public School System, the work is potentially applicable to most school busing systems and began as a project of students in UMD's QUEST Honors Program.
January 12
UMD Engineering Professor Receives Presidential Early Career Award
Michael Rotkowitz Named a Recipient of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers