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Innovation @ UMD

June 28
UMD Leadership Helps State To #1 Innovation Ranking
The strong research and technology development programs at the University of Maryland are a key factor in the state's growing reputation.
June 21
UMD Student Team Rises to One of Last Great Aviation Challenges
As flight records fall to UMD student engineering team, their work continues. They are driven to conquer one of the last great aviation challenges: Sikorsky Human-Powered Helicopter Competition.
June 16
Loh's Innovation Notes from Asia...
UMD President Wallace Loh is extending his Asia strategy with an innovation tour of Taiwan and South Korea - his third trip to the region since taking office in 2010. He is developing new research and educational partnerships.
June 3
UMD Scientists Create Faster, More Sensitive Photodetector
The research team's innovation promises better biochemical weapons detection and body scanners, as well as new instruments for studying dark energy and the structure of the universe. It is particularly promising as a fast, sensitive, and low-noise detector of submillimeter waves, which are particularly difficult to detect.
May 8
Lighting the Way to a Fast, Low-power Optical Transistor
Researchers at UMD-based Joint Quantum Institute have made a major step toward creating the optical equivalent of the transistor - the centerpiece of most electronic gear. 
April 25
UMD M-Urgency App Now Streams iPhone Emergency Info
This UMD-developed safety app allows instant sharing of emergency video, audio and location information with UMD police dispatchers. The developers say the technology could potentially be used in other communities.