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Innovation @ UMD

August 22
UMD Tool Predicts Leadership of Terrorist Networks
A University of Maryland research team has developed an analytics tool to help predict who might rise to the top of a terrorist or criminal network after the loss of a leader.
August 14
Meet the Potential Future of Electricity Generation
UMD researchers have partnered with Redox Power Systems LLC to deliver breakthrough fuel cell technologies for providing always-on electricity to businesses, homes and eventually automobiles.
August 14
New UMD Tech Could Revolutionize Satellite Use
New UMD technology could revolutionize the capabilities of satellites and future spacecraft by extending their lifecycle through the use of a renewable power source.
August 6
Protein Key Found for Adults to Re-Learn How to See
A new discovery by a UMD-led research team offers hope for treating "lazy eye" and other serious visual problems that are usually permanent unless they are corrected in early childhood.
July 12
UMD and Tavis Smiley Launch 75k Innovation Challenge
The University of Maryland's A. James Clark School of Engineering, in partnership with broadcaster Tavis Smiley, will launch a $75,000 TS/UM Social Innovation Challenge.
June 19
A Battery Made of Wood?
A team of UMD researchers have found that a sliver of wood coated with tin could make a tiny, long-lasting, efficient and environmentally friendly battery.
June 18
Students Foster Social Entrepreneurship in Nicaragua
Eleven University of Maryland students have traveled to Nicaragua this summer as part of a new UMD study abroad program that combines entrepreneurship with service learning.
June 17
Students Design Sustainable Solutions for Md. Town
This past semester, 42 students from UMD's undergraduate architecture program collaborated with community stakeholders to design sustainable solutions for North Beach, Md.
May 17
TDPS Professor Explores 'Your Brain on Dance'
School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies professor Karen Kohn Bradley is conducting experiments into what changes happen in the brain when a person dances.
May 14
Two Entrepreneur Teams Win Business Model Challenge
UMD's Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech) has named two UMD teams as winners of the inaugural University of Maryland Business Model Challenge.
May 13
UMD CATT Lab Director Named "Champion of Change"
Michael L. Pack, director of UMD's Center for Advanced Transportation Technology Laboratory has been recognized by the White House as a Transportation "Champion of Change."
May 8
UMD Students Debut Public Art Installations
As part of a unique cultural collaboration between UMD and local community groups, a sidewalk exhibition of interactive installations debuted this week in Montgomery County's Long Branch Neighborhood.
April 30
UMD Robot Bird Takes Maneuverability to New Height
University of Maryland professors S. K. Gupta and Hugh Bruck and their students have developed and demonstrated a new robotic bird, "Robo Raven."
April 29
Life-Saving Technology Advances with $500k Fed Grant
Remedium Technologies, a medical device company founded by UMD engineers has been awarded a $500,000 grant to test the company's sprayable foam for halting bleeding caused by traumatic injuries.
April 25
Maryland Day 2013: Explore Our World
UMD is celebrating 15 years of Maryland Day on April 27 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (rain or shine) - offering more than 400 free events, free parking, free on-campus transportation, and many food choices.