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Innovation @ UMD

September 25
University of Maryland, Baltimore and University of Maryland, College Park Researchers Collaborate to Address COVID-19
Five joint UMB, UMCP research teams receive $500,000 in MPower Seed Grants 
August 14
UMD Researchers Identify Structure of Blue Whirls
Discovered in 2016, the phenomenon could provide a source of clean energy from hydrocarbon fuels and lead to improved oil spill remediation 
July 27
New Study in Worms Shows Three Medications Currently on the Market May Have Unexpected Effects
University of Maryland researchers suggest worms can help detect potential drug safety issues 
June 24
Maryland-led, Multi-institutional Research Team Receives $10M to Transform Shellfish Farming with Smart Technology
UMD Engineers lead new multidisciplinary effort to develop new technologies for shellfish aquaculture and a sustainable management framework to help shellfish farmers realize larger economic and environmental benefits. The project also has an import education and workforce development component.
Nebraska corn field June 18
UMD Leads $10M USDA Project to SustainCorn Belt Agricultural Production
UMD leads USDA project to to help Corn Belt farmers more efficiently use water and crop nutrients
Reprinted with permission from AAAS April 30
New, Super-Fast Method for Ceramic Manufacturing Opens Door to AI-Driven Materials Discovery
A new study published on the cover of Science could bolster the development of batteries, fuel cells, 3D printing technologies and more
April 28
UMD Professor Christopher Jarzynski Elected to the National Academy of Sciences
Distinguished Professor studies complex microscopic systems like living cells and artificial nanoscale machines using mathematics and statistics
April 23
University of Maryland Strategic Partnership to Lead New USM COVID Research & Innovation Task Force
Task Force Will Partner USM Expertise with Business & Innovation Community to Assist State in Current Crisis
April 22
University of Maryland, College Park & University of Maryland, Baltimore Fund New Collaborative Research to Advance Medical Science
New research awards are the first in a joint UMB_UMD program to fund big research initiatives that draw on the fields of artificial intelligence and medicine
March 25
UMD Researchers Use Simulation Tool to Observe Molecular Behavior
New approach delivers “unprecedented levels of atomistic detail.” 
March 11
Maryland Energy Innovation Institute leads U.S. Side of an $18.4 M Energy Storage Research Grant Awarded to U.S.-Israel Energy Center
Maryland Energy Innovation Institute leads U.S. half of new joint U.S.-Israel energy storage technology development consortium
January 29
Universities, National Labs and Corporations Create New Alliance to Accelerate Maryland's Leadership in Quantum Science
The Maryland Quantum Alliance will strengthen the region’s lead in the quantum revolution. 
January 24
UMD-led Study Named Most Impactful Paper Published in the Journal Science in 2019
American Association for the Advancement of Science awards Newcomb Cleveland prize to study of transgenic fungus designed to control malaria-carrying mosquito populations in West Africa.
January 3
UMD Part of New U.S. Alliance for Quantum Information
The U.S. has launched the Quantum Information Edge alliance to advance quantum computing R&D for breakthrough science.
December 4
New Report Sets Keys to Success for Maryland Clean Energy Economy
Comprehensive report on the future of clean energy innovation in Maryland delivered to Governor Hogan