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Hot Topic: Paris Climate Agreement

Nathan Hultman
Director, Center for Global Sustainability
Expertise: National Climate Target-Setting and Assessment, U.S. Emissions Mitigation Policy, Energy Technology Transitions in Emerging Economies, International Climate Policy

Robert Orr
Dean, School of Public Policy
United Nations Under Secretary-General and Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General on Climate Change
Expertise: Public and Private Multi-Stakeholder Governance, Climate Change and Sustainability

Professor of Sociology and Director of the Program for Society and the Environment
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Expertise: Climate and Energy Policies
Professor of Geographical Sciences and Director of the Joint Global Carbon Center
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Expertise: Sustainability Science, Land-use, Carbon and Climate Interactions, Ecological Theory
Assistant Professor, Department of Government and Politics
College of Behavioral and Social SciencesExpertise: Climate Change Policies, Politics of Climate Change 
Ross Salawitch
Professor, Departments of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center
Expertise: Effect of Human Activity on Air Quality, the Ozone Layer, and Earth's Climate; lead author of book on the Paris Climate Agreement

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