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Hot Topic: International Affairs & Foreign Relations

Laurie Frederik

Associate Professor, Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies & Director of Latin American Studies Center
College of Arts & Humanities
Expertise: Cuba, Caribbean, Latin America, African Diaspora, South Africa, Anthropology of Art, Performance Studies, Ethnography, Politics, Nationalism, Subversive Culture, Artistic & Cultural Narrative, Law & Legal Testimony, Art & Politics in Cuba

Michelle Murray Yang
Assistant Professor, Communications
College of Arts and Humanities
Expertise: Foreign Policy, US-China Relations

Paul Huth
Center for International Development and Conflict Management
Expertise: International War and Crises, Territorial Disputes, International Law, Deterrence Theory, Civil War and Insurgency

Shibley Telhami
Anwar Sadat Professor for Peace and Development, Government & Politics
College of Behavioral & Social Sciences
Expertise: Foreign Policy, Foreign Relations, emphasis on the Middle East

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